@mcgrew mcgrew released this Jan 21, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

Assets 4
  • Fixed an error in the player stat generation
    • A bug was causing player stats to be higher than intended
  • Added a slight HP boost to lower levels in Big Swamp Mode
  • Changes to (attempt to) ensure that at least one enemy in early zones is beatable
    at level 1. The lowest strength enemy will have no more than 5HP
  • Changed the run chance calculations in chaos mode
    • Running chance in chaos mode is now based on map index rather than enemy index, since enemy index is fairly meainingless in this mode. Charlock will be the hardest place to run, followed by other dungeons, followed by Hauksness and Charlock (top floor), and easiest in the overworld. This should help with progression to level 2 as well.
  • Fixed a problem with bridge placement
    • Bridges shouldn't be placed where walkable tiles are located to the north or south of them
  • Fixed a problem where Rimuldar could be placed on the wrong continent if the swamp cave was located in Garinham
  • Fixed a UI crash in the title screen generation
  • Made the random seeds in the UI more random
    • The random seeds in the UI were not so random on Windows.
    • Changed the UI such that a new random seed is chosen after generating a ROM.