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Ansible role to safely create and mount a Linux partition
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The create_partition role lets you safely create and mount a Linux partition.

There are checks in place to ensure you only create the partition if the partition didn't exist before. Devices upon bootup can change device names, and so the assumption is we'd use a device name upon an initial boot, and later it may move to another device name. This role would capture this as it scrape for the partition label on other devices.

The partition label is used and relied upon.


You must have your respective partition userspace tools. For instance, xfsprogs if using xfs. If you specify 'xfs' then make.xfs is used. If you specify 'foo' as your filesystem type, then you must have ''.

Role Variables

  • disk_setup_device: the target device to use
  • disk_setup_fstype: the filesystem type to use
  • disk_setup_mount_opts: extra mount options to use for /etc/fstab, should never be empty, if you want to use the default just do not override the defaults which is "defaults"
  • disk_setup_label: the filesystem label to use
  • disk_setup_fs_opts: additional filesystem options to pass
  • disk_setup_path: the path to mount the filesystem
  • disk_setup_user: the user to assign the directory path to
  • disk_setup_group: the group to assign the directory path to



Example Playbook

Below is an example playbook task:

- name: Create /media/truncated if needed
    name: create_partition
    disk_setup_device: "/dev/nvme2n1"
    disk_setup_fstype: "xfs"
    disk_setup_label : "truncated"
    disk_setup_fs_opts: "-L {{ disk_setup_label }}"
    disk_setup_path: "/media/truncated"
    disk_setup_user: "vagrant"
    disk_setup_group: "vagrant"
  tags: [ 'oscheck', 'truncated_partition' ]

For further examples refer to one of this role's users, the project or the project from where this code originally came from.



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