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Build environments
Funkd supports these types of build environments:
* automake - cd with-automake/
* autoconf - cd with-autoconf/
Maintainer requirements for funkd
For this package, everyone is considered a maintainer, so everyone will have
to run these. Change directory *first* into with-automake/ and run:
Only after you have run this can you change directory into with-autoconf and
run ./ there, the reason for this is that the with-autoconf/
directory has symlinks for files under the with-automake/build-aux/ directory,
the reason for this is that if we want to make use autoconf AC_CONFIG_FILES()
magic for the Makefile (example @HELPERS@ to replace variables
we need these build-aux helpers. The not-so-well documented strategy for
maintainers that want to take advantage of this is to copy automake's own copy
of their config.guess, config.sub, install-sh and other files, we make this
explicit here by requiring you to run first on the with-automake/
directory. Since systemd does not allow variables to be used as part of the
binary that we will use for ExecStart, we also then require modifying the
path using AC_CONFIG_FILES() on the service unit file, this required doing
some early annotations on the autoconf variables with autoconf defaults
using the provided example m4/paths.m4 as otherwise they would not be picked
up. For more details on this see the README.
To build funkd
On any of the type of supported build environments run:
To install funkd
sudo make install
sudo make install
Since there are two types of daemons we provide you can switch them by
stopping the daemon, editing the funkd.service file, reloading systemd
(or make reload) and then starting the service.
An LSB init script is not provided but just running the daemon alone
should suffice for testing purposes.
To clean
make clean
Maintainer / Distro cleanup
This will clean everything, not only just build targets but also files
generated by autotools. Both of these two targets do the same.
make maintainer-clean
make dist-clean
Test connectivity
As root:
nc -U /var/run/funk/socket
nc -U /var/run/funk/socket_ro
If you didn't start the service but enabled both socket and service
files then systemd will activate the service for you once a connection
is established with the above commands. This is active socket, or socket
based actication.
What you should see are the characters you entere should simply shift by 1.
That's all this stupid daemon does.
Systemd helpers
The build environments also provides some helpers to enable lazy / easy
system administration / testing of the systemd service units:
* sudo make enable - enables service units
* sudo make reload - reloads systemd
* sudo make start - triggers a start of the service
* sudo make stop - triggers a stop of the service
* sudo make status - gets service status