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ACF OpenStreetMap Field

Configurable OpenStreetMap or Leaflet Field in ACF.
Requires ACF 5.7+


  • Configurable Map-Tile Provider
  • Selectable Map Overlays
  • Multiple Markers
  • Ready-to-use HTML-Output
  • Custom map markers through WordPress filters and JS Events.


Production (Stand-Alone)

  • Head over to releases
  • Download 'acf-field-openstreetmap.zip'
  • Upload and activate it like any other WordPress plugin
  • AutoUpdate will run as long as the plugin is active

Production (using Github Updater – recommended for Multisite)

  • Install Andy Fragen's GitHub Updater first.
  • In WP Admin go to Settings / GitHub Updater / Install Plugin. Enter mcguffin/acf-field-openstreetmap as a Plugin-URI.


  • cd into your plugin directory
  • $ git clone git@github.com:mcguffin/acf-field-openstreetmap.git
  • $ cd acf-field-openstreetmap
  • $ npm install
  • $ `gulp


This plugin uses gulp.

To get started cd in the plugin directory,
run npm install then gulp


There is some developer centric documentation in the wiki.


This plugin wouldn't have been possible without these awesome people and Projects: