More revision control in Wordpress: create revision only upon request and delete revisions.
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WP Revision Request


This lightweight plugin adds three features to WordPress' revision management.

  1. Saving revisions on demand: Select wheter you want to save a revision or not.
  2. Manually delete a revision.
  3. Display revisions right on Your blog.

Revision Management

Posts Revision Management: Save a revision only on demand. Delete, restore and view Revisions from the Post Editor screen.


  • Save new Revision on demand
  • Delete revisions
  • Display revision history on the blog
  • Plugin-API
  • German localization


  • Works in a multisite environment
  • WP 3.5.2 through 3.6-RC1-24704


Move the plugin dir in your wp-content/ directory and activate it in the GUI.

Hooks/Plugin API

The plugin offers a couple of filters to allow Theme authors to hook in.

Action revisioncontroller_before: Called before the MetaBox is rendered.

function tell_me_something_new( $post ) {
	echo $post->title . ' has some revisions. Take care.';
add_filter( 'revisioncontroller_before', 'tell_me_something_new' );

Action revisioncontroller_after: Called after the MetaBox has been rendered.

function tell_me_more( $post ) {
	echo 'Thank you for regarding all safety precautions.';
add_filter( 'revisioncontroller_after', 'tell_me_more' );

Filter revisioncontroller_actions: Use it to add or remove Actions from the revisions metabox.

// will remove the restore action from Controller Meta Box
function remove_restore_action( $actions , $post_ID , $revision_ID ) {
	return $actions;
add_filter( 'revisioncontroller_actions', 'remove_restore_action' , 10 , 3 );

Filter revision_container_html: Use it to change the default container HTML. Make sure you include a %s, where the item HTML is merged.

function gimme_a_div( $html , $post ) {
	return '<div>%s</div>';
add_filter( 'revision_container_html', 'gimme_a_div' , 10 , 2 );

Filter revision_item_html: Use it to change the default item HTML. Make sure you include a %s, where the item's link is merged.

function gimme_a_span( $html , $post , $revision ) {
	return '<span>%s</span>';
add_filter( 'revision_item_html', 'gimme_a_span' , 10 , 3 );


v 1.0.1

  • Test with custom post types √ Optional Show Revisions on Post. √ Add help to save-revision-checkbox
  • Help-Text on post edit header
  • pretty permalinks.
    • use 'revision/$revision_slug' instead of '?revision=$revision_ID'
    • enter revision slug on post edit