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Setup vault server

You will need vault installed. The will first do a killall vault so make sure you don't have another vault process running.

Open a terminal and launch

$ source

It will:

  • start a new Vault server in dev mode (root token = )
  • create and enable two secret engines: kv_v1/path and kv_v2/path
  • write demo secrets to each engine
  • enable app role auth
  • create a policy
  • create a role_id and secret_id linked to rhe policy
  • export the role_id and secret_id

Run go code

From the same session, you can run the sample main.go file

$ go run main.go

If everything goes well, you should have this output:

Secret my-v1-secret: my-v1-secret-value
Secret my-second-secret: my-second-secret-value
Secret my-first-secret: my-first-secret-value