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Google Voice SMS to Prowl Redirector
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GVSMSProwl 0.1
Written by Mike Cherry <>

Send new Google Voice SMS messages as Prowl notifications to iPhone

This is a CLI script and requires the PHP class for Google Voice and Prowl. Edit 
config.php with your info and run the script. PHP needs to be compiled 
with Curl support. This script is a down and dirty solution so please 
no comments about efficiency or ugly code ;) Feel free to modify 
anything and redistribute for whatever use you see fit. If you make 
something cool, give me a shout!


class.googlevoice.php was written by tylerhall and the original can be 
found at

ProwlPHP.php was written by Fenric and can be found at

The sksort() function in gvsmsprowl.php was written by 
and was found in the ksort() comments at
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