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Viewbook is a small, simple framework for displaying HTML versions of books. It draws in book, chapter, and file details from a MongoDB collection, constructs a simple table of contents and navigation, and displays the HTML contents of the chapter requested.

Quick Guide

To use viewbook, do the following:

  • Clone the repo
  • Create a mongo database and collection
  • Edit the config_example.php file, inputting the details of your domain and mongo database details and save as config.php
  • Upload your HTML source directories to your viewbook base directory
  • Edit your .htaccess file to properly resolve URLs


You will need to create a MongoDB database and collection that stores the details of the books. The structure of the collection follows the example_book.json file. I generally create a separate JSON file for each book and import into the MongoDB collection. The titleID of the book is the name of the folder in which the HTML files for each chapter are located. The file field is the name of the HTML file without the .html extension appended to it. So, based on the included example_book.json file, there would be the following folder located within the base folder of viewbook:

  ├── 01_ch00.html
  ├── 02_ch01.html

The other thing you need to do is edit the config_example.php file. After making appropriate changes, the file should be renamed to config.php.

The navigation elements use the Bootstrap framework, which is included.

The css/ folder includes a responsive stylesheet that displays the chapter's HTML appropriately for desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. It also includes a print stylesheet for printing the chapter.


See the LICENSE and COPYING files for details.