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Reimplementation of SMB3 Workshop in Python
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Port/Reimplementation of SMB3 Workshop by hukka

YouTube Video of Version 0.9
YouTube Video of Version 0.9, check Releases for more current versions

Features right now

  • Level selection
  • Level view
  • Block Viewer
  • Object-Viewer
  • Loading/Saving of levels/world maps
  • Zooming
  • Selection of multiple objects
  • Copy/Cut/Paste objects
  • Vertical Levels
  • Undo/Redo System
  • Instant Header Editing
  • Jump (Level pointer) editing
  • Make screenshots of your Level

To come

  • Smoothing out the rough edges
  • Pretty much the rest of SMB3 Workshops features
  • Cleaner architecture
  • dynamic level sizes

Not planned right now

  • Support of other versions, other than the US release


Come to the SMB3 Romhacking Discord and message Michael.

How to run

  1. You need to have at least Python3.6 installed. To do that, go to Make sure to tick the box "Add Python to Path"!
  2. You need to install the wxPython GUI framework. To do that, open a command prompt (search cmd in Windows, open a Terminal in Linux/Mac) and type in pip install wxpython. This should work automatically.
  3. Click on and the editor should open up, asking you to select the ROM you want to load. Preferably the US version of SMB3 or a Hack based on it.
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