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Service publishing post from Kafka on the Facebook
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Facebook client


The application requires four parameters: identifier of the Facebook page, user access token and application's id and secret.

Page id

A unique identifier of the Facebook page you would like to post on. Can be found with

Application id

The application id can be found on the application dashboard on

Application secret

To get the application secret you have to be in admin role of a page on which you would like to publish posts.

Go to the application's dashboard. The secret is placed on the main page of it.

Access token

To grab a user access token two calls have to be made to the Facebook Graph API:

  • the first one for an authentication code: GET{app-id}&redirect_uri={redirect-uri}&scope=manage_pages,publish_pages
  • the second one to change the code to access user token: GET{app-id}&redirect_uri={redirect-uri}&client_secret={app-secret}&code={code}

{redirect-uri} can be anything based on App Domain defined on the application settings page.

Secured requests

Keep in mind that call for a Page Access Token uses appsecret_proof to protect the request. For more information about securing request look here.


You need to have kafka running on the address specified in application.conf (by default localhost:9092) before starting the service.


To generate a Docker image simply run: ./gradlew buildDocker

The application as a Docker container can be started with the following command: docker run -e PAGE_ID=... -e APP_SECRET=... -e ACCESS_TOKEN=... docker_image_name


You can start the application from IDE as well.

The main class is pl.devthoughts.facebook.client.Application.

Required configuration parameters have to be provided as VM parameters: -Dfacebook.user.access.token=...

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