My PhD dissertation - poststructural faculty narratives on design curriculum revision
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This repository is for my PhD dissertation in Engineering Education at Purdue University. I'm looking at "engineering and technology faculty as learners," and using faculty narratives about design curriulum revision as my data. My lens is a poststructuralist one, meaning that I draw on a patchwork of theoretical frameworks to see my data from as many different and contradictory lens as possible.


This repository and all its contents are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International license ( You may use and remix this work, but the resulting work needs to be released under a similarly open license, and you need to give me credit. Right now I don't have a formal citation/publication format for this work, but simply linking to the URL and crediting it to "Mel Chua" would be fine. Once this gets published, I'll update the document so you can use a proper bibliographic entry. If you'd like different usage terms for the material, contact me and we'll discuss.