MIT licenced .NET document db with IQueryable support
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The minimalist embedded .net NOSQL database that is as easy-as-pie to use.

  1. XCOPY deployable
  2. Transparent - you don't need Id properties on your objects*.
  3. It's MIT licenced
  4. It has a very tiny codebase.
  5. It uses a JSON transaction log to record changes (so your objects need to be Json serializable). Can be written to disk, or work in-memory for testing
  6. Transactional sessions (aka Unit Of Work) with optimistic concurrency

*this is due to cunning use of the awesome ConditionalWeakTable class. Know it, use it!


Install-Package PieDb

Creating a database

  //create a single database instance for 
  var db = new PieDatabase(); //defaults to saving changes to /App_Data/piedb.transactions,  but you can pass in your own FileTransactionStore or InMemoryTransactionStore

Working with data

  var session = db.OpenSession(); //get a 'unit of work'

  var someObject = ...; //your object

  //storing an object with a random id

  //get the id - note, the object doesn't need a .Id property
  string id = someObject.PieId()

  //storing an object with a known id
  session.Store(someObject, "groceries");

  //removing an object

  //removing an object by id

  //flush the changes you have made in your session

Inside a PieDatabase is a DataStore object, which is a collection of all the saved objects, held in memory, fast but memory-hungry.

When the database starts up, the DataStore is rebuilt from the transaction log. The DataStore implements INotifyCollectionChanged, which is called with the changes made by a session.Commit() call.

This means you can add a listener which indexes the DataStore as it rebuilds, allowing different indexing libraries and approaches to be used, and allowing realtime changes to be published to consumers. See the SearchTests for an example using the Lucene.Net.Linq library, which allows querying as below:

  //LINQ querying (see Lucene.Net.Linq ( for info
  var results = sessopm.Query<User>(t => t.Email == "").ToArray();

Why "PieDb?" Many of my other projects are named after foods and it's short.

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