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(in-package :example)
(defun controller-edit ()
(let ((movie (movie-get (get-id-from-uri))))
(:h1 "Edit Existing Movie")
(:form :action (concatenate 'string "/movies/" (get-id-from-uri) "/update") :method "post"
(:label "Title")
(:input :name "movie-title" :size "30" :type "text" :value (movie-title movie))
(:label "Rating")
(selector-form "movie-rating" '("G" "PG" "PG-13" "R" "NC-17") (movie-rating movie))
(:label "Released on")
(selector-form "year" (num-list 2012 1930) (get-year (movie-release-date movie)))
(selector-form "month" (num-list 1 12) (get-month (movie-release-date movie)))
(selector-form "day" (num-list 1 31) (get-day (movie-release-date movie)))
(:input :name "commit" :type "submit" :value "Update Movie Info")))))
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