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base fork: mck-/heroku-cl-example
base: c97b5a5131
head fork: mck-/heroku-cl-example
compare: dba079d122
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Commits on Apr 05, 2012
@mck- testing env var 39afb33
@mck- undo fded90b
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@mck- move code snippets to MVC structure ceb4978
@mck- put files in asd 8d87ebd
@mck- add css file fb559a2
@mck- add standard-page macro 41d9cc2
@mck- change public dir to static dir 83795bb
@mck- change dir to static 84e8019
@mck- remove old dir-files de18412
@mck- remove old code 44318f3
@mck- dispatch table update ecc00fc
@mck- adjust macro to have standard title 65baf49
@mck- initial index test 67fce69
@mck- fix package to use hunchentoot and postmodern bde69d2
@mck- add index to asd bcb59f1
@mck- add cl-who to package 9a9c9e6
@mck- add css id to table d60805f
@mck- add main div to body 0f2af08
@mck- dao class for movie 4a6c25e
@mck- allow db-params to return test-env values 1aa72ab
@mck- model for movie db 68405ac
@mck- gitignore file 0ea4555
@mck- add execute to init-table 9048c6f
@mck- add link for new movie 59c780d
@mck- add dispatch for new movie to controller 9d63cff
@mck- add new and reshape moduls eaa4238
@mck- first test for new view 8dda843
@mck- change to labels and fix selector d962f53
@mck- testing shortform f34c040
@mck- macros to make cl-who shorter f33d202
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@mck- working drop-down workaround with eval 9c987db
@mck- temp fix for date selector 6cfb29b
@mck- adjust to be consistent with rails version 240cf10
@mck- add submit button 12484a1
@mck- update new files 7f29d6c
@mck- fixed macro issue with def-internal-macro c4a949d
@mck- remove commented code 579e7d0
@mck- allow adding new movies to db 47edec0
@mck- fix link 3e79149
@mck- fix index and new - basic workings with date 88492d6
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@mck- add simple-date to asd file dad3126
@mck- add *test* variable 40a5296
@mck- bug extra parens f80419a
@mck- remove line 6d0b32c
@mck- add unique id to movie object -- CRUD operators b1fe0db
@mck- defmodel macro to create dao-class and related CRUD functions 7ecd600
Commits on Apr 23, 2012
@mck- bugfixes in defmodel macro with symbols e6fa903
@mck- added localhost server starting for local testing 0b1540d
@mck- add movie-ad reader to movie class ca1ea69
@mck- use derived reader name c3c2af4
@mck- load model before view 20a79fa
@mck- remove all-movies-rows macro since it does not reevaluate after addin…
…g movies
@mck- instead of macro, put code directly in, which does update after each …
…change in the DB
@mck- move the movie-table rows part to a separate function in html-utils 2dd6910
@mck- rename filename to utils - more appropriately 96d0b95
@mck- redirect / to /movies -- convention of RESTful URI 00a6362
@mck- added movies-path function to return the associated URI e552d7f
@mck- use the movie-create function dd1fe40
@mck- clarify the test parameter 3573be3
@mck- add documentation for print-date 00213ce
@mck- fix param name sql-test -- change movie-title to accessor b6f98c9
@mck- inital static version of show, edit, delete, only operating on movie-…
…ID 2 for testing
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
@mck- fix filename 9bd9247
@mck- moved generic model macro to model-utils.lisp 011325b
@mck- add show and edit views to load 68dfdd9
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
@mck- move general utils to general utils -- asd module for utils -- add ge…
@mck- adjust regex dispatching for all digits -- replace static id=2 to use…
… get-id-from-uri
@mck- show and edit pages to use get-id-from-uri a23277d
@mck- fix static links to edit and delete with id 9e80f80
@mck- parens fix 81322bf
@mck- fix static action link 3738302
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
@mck- add shortcut macro for selector-form - avoid using internal-macro eb6ca14
@mck- switch to production f02c0ce
@mck- turn off local server 22b20b6
@mck- add drop-table function to delete tables from DB 0555e5e
@mck- adjust model definition to initialize DB if it does not exist yet 823a47e
@mck- use html-to-stout for all-movie-rows f54c157
@mck- adjust selector-form to accept optional parameter for pre-selected value b464ed3
@mck- adjust rating list to use symbols - edit to fill in rating accordingly 4d668a5
@mck- add date utilities and macros for convenience 3c7980c
@mck- move symb util t ogeneral utils 5b145f6
@mck- missing parens 50640cc
@mck- adjust edit page to show the correct details filled in 9238771
@mck- moved date utils to own filw 897327b
@mck- remove *test* and check for *database-url* instead to decide whether …
…we are online or local
@mck- resort back to strings, since symbols might be prepended with package…
… on heroku
@mck- redirect after update to stay on the show page of the movie f71c1fe
Commits on May 01, 2012
@mck- update readme - need blog link still dba079d
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