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AppVis tutorials

This is the repository for AppVis, an extension for MIT's App Inventor 2. App Inventor 2 is a tool used to create mobile apps for use on Android devices.

App Inventor 2

This wiki exists for purpose of documentation for AppVis, an extension for usage of App Inventor 2 in conjunction with iSENSE.

iSENSE is a web data visualization tool, created with the hope that it would be used in middle and high school level classrooms to teach math and science. It was and continues to be developed by students at UMass Lowell.



AppVis connects App Inventor 2 apps with the iSENSE database. With AppVis, App Inventor 2 apps are able to interact with iSENSE projects. Various features include uploading data sets, appending to them, and retrieving a URL to be able to view them.

If you would like to download or use this extension, you can find it on the iSENSE homepage or from this link:




Setting up iSENSE

Designer Properties

  • ContributorKey
  • ProjectID
  • VisType

Code Blocks

  • UploadDataSetSucceeded
  • UploadDataSetFailed
  • GetDataSetsByField
  • GetNumberPendingUploads
  • GetTime
  • GetVisURL
  • GetVisWithControlsURL
  • UploadDataSet
  • AppendDataSet

Manual Testing

Notes for Future Developers

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