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querystring = require 'querystring'
class InstagramAPI
constructor: ->
@_api_version = 'v1'
@_http_client = require 'http'
@_https_client = require 'https'
@_config =
client_id: if process.env['CLIENT_ID']? then process.env['CLIENT_ID'] else 'CLIENT-ID'
client_secret: if process.env['CLIENT_SECRET']? then process.env['CLIENT_SECRET'] else 'CLIENT-SECRET'
callback_url: if process.env['CALLBACK_URL']? then process.env['CALLBACK_URL'] else 'CALLBACK-URL'
redirect_uri: if process.env['REDIRECT_URI']? then process.env['REDIRECT_URI'] else 'REDIRECT_URI'
access_token: if process.env['ACCESS_TOKEN']? then process.env['ACCESS_TOKEN'] else null
maxSockets: 5
@_options =
host: if process.env['TEST_HOST']? then process.env['TEST_HOST'] else ''
port: if process.env['TEST_PORT']? then process.env['TEST_PORT'] else null
method: "GET"
path: ''
headers: {
'User-Agent': 'Instagram Node Lib 0.0.9'
'Accept': 'application/json'
'Content-Length': 0
for module in ['media', 'tags', 'users', 'locations', 'geographies', 'subscriptions', 'oauth']
moduleClass = require "./class.instagram.#{module}"
@[module] = new moduleClass @
Generic Response Methods
_error: (e, value, caller) ->
value = '[undefined]' if value is undefined
value = '[null]' if value is null
message = "#{e} occurred: #{value} in #{caller}"
_complete: (data, pagination) ->
for i of data
console.log data[i]
console.log pagination if pagination?
Shared Data Manipulation Methods
_to_querystring: (params) ->
obj = {}
for i of params
obj[i] = params[i] if i isnt 'complete' and i isnt 'error'
querystring.stringify obj
_merge: (obj1, obj2) ->
for i of obj2
obj1[i] = obj2[i]
_to_value: (key, value) ->
return value if typeof value isnt 'object'
return value[key] if value[key]?
_to_object: (key, value) ->
return value if typeof value is 'object' and value[key]?
obj = {}
obj[key] = value
_clone: (from_object) ->
to_object = {}
for property of from_object
to_object[property] = from_object[property]
Set Methods
_set_maxSockets: (value) ->
if parseInt(value) is value and value > 0
@_http_client.Agent.defaultMaxSockets = value
@_https_client.Agent.defaultMaxSockets = value
set: (property, value) ->
@_config[property] = value if @_config[property] isnt undefined
@_options[property] = value if @_options[property] isnt undefined
@["_set_#{property}"](value) if typeof @["_set_#{property}"] is 'function'
Shared Request Methods
_credentials: (params, require = null) ->
if require? and params[require]? or params['access_token']? or params['client_id']?
return params
if require isnt null and @_config[require]?
params[require] = @_config[require]
else if @_config['access_token']?
params['access_token'] = @_config['access_token']
else if @_config['client_id']?
params['client_id'] = @_config['client_id']
return params
_request: (params) ->
options = @_clone(@_options)
options['method'] = params['method'] if params['method']?
options['path'] = params['path'] if params['path']?
options['path'] = if process.env['TEST_PATH_PREFIX']? then "#{process.env['TEST_PATH_PREFIX']}#{options['path']}" else options['path']
complete = params['complete'] ?= @_complete
appResponse = params['response']
error = params['error'] ?= @_error
if options['method'] isnt "GET" and params['post_data']?
post_data = @_to_querystring params['post_data']
post_data = ''
options['headers']['Content-Length'] = post_data.length
if process.env['TEST_PROTOCOL'] is 'http'
http_client = @_http_client
http_client = @_https_client
request = http_client.request options, (response) ->
data = ''
response.setEncoding 'utf8'
response.on 'data', (chunk) ->
data += chunk
response.on 'end', ->
parsedResponse = JSON.parse data
if parsedResponse? and parsedResponse['meta']? and parsedResponse['meta']['code'] isnt 200
error parsedResponse['meta']['error_type'], parsedResponse['meta']['error_message'], "_request"
else if parsedResponse['access_token']?
complete parsedResponse, appResponse
pagination = if typeof parsedResponse['pagination'] is 'undefined' then {} else parsedResponse['pagination']
complete parsedResponse['data'], pagination
catch e
if appResponse?
error e, data, '_request', appResponse
error e, data, '_request'
if post_data?
request.write post_data
request.addListener 'error', (connectionException) ->
if connectionException.code isnt 'ENOTCONN'
if appResponse?
error connectionException, options, "_request", appResponse
error connectionException, options, "_request"
APIClient = new InstagramAPI
module.exports = APIClient
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