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Shopper has a few requirements you should be aware of before installing


Make sure your server meets the following requirements.

  • Apache 2.2+ or nginx
  • MySQL Server 5.7.8+ , Mariadb 10.3.2+ or PostgreSQL
  • PHP Version 7.1.3+
  • Composer


Shopper is realy easy to install. After creating your new Laravel application (5.6+) you can include the Shopper package with the following command:

composer require mckenziearts/shopper

Next make sure to create a new database and add your database credentials to your .env file, you will also want to add your application URL in the APP_URL variable:


To install run this command to install Shopper in your project

php artisan shopper:install

This will install shopper, publish vendor files, create shopper and storage symlinks if they don't exist in the public folder, run migrations and seeders classes.

{% hint style="danger" %} Specified key was too long error
If you see this error message you have an outdated version of MySQL, use the following solution: {% endhint %}

And we're all good to go!

Run the following command to create a user with supreme (at the moment of creation) rights:

php artisan shopper:admin

And you will be prompted for the users username, firstname, lastname and password.

If you want to publish again Shopper's vendor files run these commands:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mckenziearts\Shopper\ShopperServiceProvider"
php artisan vendor:publish --all

Extend your current User Model (usually app/User.php) using the Mckenziearts\Shopper\Plugins\Users\Models\User as ShopperUser alias:


use Mckenziearts\Shopper\Plugins\Users\Models\User as ShopperUser; 

class User extends ShopperUser
    // ...

To run the project you may use the built-in server: php artisan serve

After that, run composer dump-autoload to finish your installation!

To view Shopper's dashboard go to:

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