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StreetCode - QR Codes for the Homeless

This project was created during Startup Weekend Seattle on January 14, 2012 (based on gtug-ae-bootcamp). See setup.md for installation and deployment instructions.

Startup Weekend Award-Winner

Street Code won the Best Market Validation award (2nd place) and most-likely to have an impact award from Start Weekend participants.

We're enthusastic about the response to our prototype and product design - so our team is committed to pushing this project forward to a full scale trial.

Join our Team

We are seeking partners and helpers:

  1. We are looking for potential program Sponsors to administer a pilot test serving their homeless clients.
  2. We could use more help in developing our software and realizing the full extent of our design work over the weekend. If you have experience with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, or App Engine, we'd love to have your help.

We meet each Wednesday night (beginning January 25th, 2011) to coordinate activities of our working group. You can join us in person or via Google Plus Hangout. Contact mckoss@startpad.org if you'd like to join us.