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YAML - A JavaScript YAML (subset) parser.

I couldn't find a working native YAML parser for JavaScript (especially one with working test cases), so I'm starting this project.

The full YAML Spec has a very rich data model with data types, and inter-object references. This goes well beyond the simple model supported by JSON.

As an initial pass, this project strives to read and write YAML that is equivalent to JSON-formatted data (perhaps somewhat akin to the YSON format that is alluded to in the YAML Spec).


  • Support the subset of YAML that is equivalent to JSON's data model.
  • Small and light-weight.
  • Compatible with browser and node.js environment.
  • Unit tested.

Design and Project Plans

  • I wanted to be sure that the library is Unit Tested from the outset - so those were built first.
  • Since we have a perfectly acceptable JSON parser in the browser, and in node.js, this parser will do a source-tranformation of the input YAML into valid JSON format, and then call the JSON parser.

Project status: Not yet started - but there are (failing) Unit Tests!