Simple Script to Fetch and Filter Hacker News based on your Interests, designed to be run as a cron job
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This bash script fetches the front page of Hacker News and filters the
submissions by your interests and outputs those to NEWS.html on your
desktop.  Works on BSD (includes Mac OS) and Linux-based systems.

For Hacker News addicts like me, it means I don't worry that I'll miss
a submission that's only briefly on the front page if I don't peruse
Hacker News compulsively. It just show's up automatically on my
Desktop. I can read it whenever I have time, and submissions stay
there until I delete them.

!!! Make sure you put interests.txt on your Desktop. If you want to
    keep it elsewhere, edit the first non-commented line in

Edit your interests in interests.txt.

It's designed to be run as a cronjob.  This means it won't overwrite
existing submissions stored in NEWS.html, nor will it add duplicates.

Test it out:

     cd /PATH/TO/FILES/
     cp interests.txt ~/Desktop/interests.txt

You might need to make it executable, either right click it or
    chmod a+x filterHN.command

To have this run automatically in the background, start a Cron job by
editting your crontab with:

     crontab -e

In Ubuntu, you'll get a choice of text editors, but in Mac OS you
have to use vim. Vim instructions at the very bottom.***

To fetch hourly, substitute in the correct path and paste to your 

     0 * * * * /PATH/TO/filterHN.command

To fetch every half hour:

     0,30 * * * * /PATH/TO/filterHN.command

Every five minutes...
      */5 * * * * /PATH/TO/COMMAND

!!! Very important to make sure there is a new-line after the
    configuration line. This means just pressing enter before 
    saving.  Otherwise cron will not run on some systems.

If you have issues or advice, please email me at your leisure
patrick.cieplak at

***Vim Instructions for Mac OS users wanting to start cron job:

Once you enter crontab -e you find yourself in vim.  Press the letter
i on your keyboard.  Having done this, you can then paste in something
by pressing CNTRL-SHIFT-V 

When it looks something like this press Esc key several times:

0 * * * * /PATH/TO/filterHN.command

Make sure you press enter to create a new-line after the first line.
To go back and make changes press the letter i on keyboard.
After having pressed Esc key once or several times, very carefully type 
a colon character followed by the letter 'w' and the letter 'q'.
It will look like 
Then press enter and you're done.