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MIT License
Copyright (c) 2017 Mat Leonard
import numpy as np
def get_lookup_tables(text):
chars = tuple(set(text))
int2char = dict(enumerate(chars))
char2int = {ch: ii for ii, ch in int2char.items()}
return int2char, char2int
def get_batches(arr, n_seqs, n_steps):
'''Create a generator that returns batches of size
n_seqs x n_steps from arr.
batch_size = n_seqs * n_steps
n_batches = len(arr)//batch_size
# Keep only enough characters to make full batches
arr = arr[:n_batches * batch_size]
# Reshape into n_seqs rows
arr = arr.reshape((n_seqs, -1))
for n in range(0, arr.shape[1], n_steps):
# The features
x = arr[:, n:n+n_steps]
# The targets, shifted by one
y = np.zeros_like(x)
y[:, :-1], y[:, -1] = x[:, 1:], arr[:, n+n_steps]
except IndexError:
y[:, :-1], y[:, -1] = x[:, 1:], arr[:, 0]
yield x, y
def one_hot_encode(arr, n_labels):
# Initialize the the encoded array
one_hot = np.zeros((np.multiply(*arr.shape), n_labels), dtype=np.float32)
# Fill the appropriate elements with ones
one_hot[np.arange(one_hot.shape[0]), arr.flatten()] = 1.
# Finally reshape it to get back to the original array
one_hot = one_hot.reshape((*arr.shape, n_labels))
return one_hot
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