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jClocksGMT for Wordpress

jQuery based analog and digital clock(s) for Wordpress.

##What is jClocksGMT?

jClocksGMT is a jQuery analog and digital clock(s) plugin based on GMT offsets. Now supporting automatic daylight saving time conversions for affected timezones. Requires jQuery Rotate plugin and jClocksGMT.js.


  • Analog Clock
  • Digital Clock
  • Date Display
  • 5 Clock Skins
  • jQuery Rotate
  • Custom time formats
  • Custom date formats
  • GMT Timezone Offsets
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time conversion on affected timezones
  • Easy CSS customization
  • Easy image customization


Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE7+, IOS4+, Android, windows phone.



Simply add a shortcode where you would like your clock.

[jclocksgmt title="Houston, TX, USA" offset="-6"]


####Default attributes:

title='Greenwich, England' // String: Title of location (defaults to Greenwich, England)
offset='0'                 // String: Set Standard GMT offset (+5.5, -4, 0, etc) (do not consider daylight savings time)
dst=true                   // Boolean: Does the location observe daylight savings time (set FALSE if location does not need to observe dst)
digital=true               // Boolean: Display digital clock
analog=true                // Boolean: Display analog clock
timeformat='hh:mm A'       // String: Time format (see below for formatting options)
date=false                 // Boolean: Display date
dateformat='MM/DD/YYYY'    // String: Date format (see below for formatting options)
angleSec=0                 // Integer: Starting angle of second hand
angleMin=0                 // Integer: Starting angle of minute hand
angleHour=0                // Integer: Starting angle of hour hand
skin=1                     // Integer: Set 1 of 5 included skins for the analog clock 
imgpath=[path of plugin]   // String: Set path of images used in clocks 

####Common offsets by time zone: (only use the number after GMT: GMT-2 = offset: '-2' Daylight Saving Time converted automatically)

GMT-12 Eniwetok
GMT-11 Samoa
GMT-10 Hawaii
GMT-9 Alaska
GMT-8 PST, Pacific US
GMT-7 MST, Mountain US
GMT-6 CST, Central US
GMT-5 EST, Eastern US
GMT-4 Atlantic, Canada
GMT-3 Brazilia, Buenos Aries
GMT-2 Mid-Atlantic
GMT-1 Cape Verdes
GMT 0 Greenwich Mean Time
GMT+1 Berlin, Rome
GMT+2 Israel, Cairo
GMT+3 Moscow, Kuwait
GMT+7 Abu Dhabi, Muscat
GMT+5 Islamabad, Karachi
GMT+6 Almaty, Dhaka
GMT+7 Bangkok, Jakarta
GMT+8 Hong Kong, Beijing
GMT+9 Tokyo, Osaka
GMT+10 Sydney, Melbourne, Guam
GMT+11 Magadan, Soloman Is.
GMT+12 Fiji, Wellington, Auckland

To find specific GMT offsets,


search: location

use: Current Offset

if location is currently observing DST, add 1 to offset

####Time Formatting:

HH 19 24-hour format of hour with leading zero (two digits long).
hh 07 12-hour format of hour with leading zero (two digits long).
H 19 24-hour format of hour without leading zeros.
h 7 12-hour format of hour without leading zeros.
mm 01 Minutes with the leading zero (two digits long).
m 1 Minutes without the leading zero.
ss 08 Seconds with the leading zero (two digits long).
s 8 Seconds without the leading zero.
a pm Lowercase am or pm.
A PM Uppercase am or pm.
SSS 095 Milliseconds with leading zeros (three digits long).
S 95 Milliseconds without leading zeros.

####Date Formatting:

YYYY 2016 Four-digit representation of the year.
YY 16 Two-digit representation of the year.
MMMM April Full textual representation of the month.
MMM Apr Three letter representation of the month.
MM 04 Month with the leading zero (two digits long).
M 4 Month without the leading zero.
DDDD Friday Full textual representation of the day of the week.
DDD Fri Three letter representation of the day of the week.
DD 01 Day of the month with leading zero (two digits long).
D 1 Day of the month without leading zero.


Richard McMaster


jClocksGMT is available under the MIT license.


jClocksGMT converted for Wordpress



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