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UniFi HotSpot Manager

This is a HotSpot Manager like the default one of UniFi Ubiquiti, but this one has some advantages and is easier to use.

Latest stable release


  • allow different Usergroups via Voucher prefixes with just one Ubiquiti Controller ;)
  • own user access control, no need for users to get a real admin account on the Ubiquiti Controller
  • variable printing, creating, filtering and deleting of vouchers
  • deleting multiple vouchers with one click just works, but the needed time is about 0.8 seconds per voucher :(
  • blocking, unblocking and re-connecting of users (the default HotSpot system misses these functions, but the admin interface has, yes I know... but this is not for users)
  • ... a lot more, this is just the first writing of that README

Included libraries

Used libraries via CDN

All CDN libraries I am including are using the MIT license, so I use it also ;)



  • clone the repository git clone
  • the private folder can be setup to some private directory (not meant to stay in webroot)
  • the file index.php should be copied to your web folder
  • edit the file then, and set up the private path
  • then go to your private path an take a look into the file config.sample.php
  • modify that file and rename it to config.php
  • start your browser and you should get the login form
  • take a look into the file userdb.json, search for pass = [ and use this password together with the username admin
  • for creating an own qr-code of the WiFi settings for your network on the vouchers, just use the script provided here: contrib/


  • show some more information on the "list_clients" action
  • the same for the "list_guest_aps" site


  • creating vouchers and language selection p1
  • user management p2
  • translating the web user interface is supported also p3
  • list current guests in your network, you can also block or unblock them p4
  • same guest list, but a much smaller screen, responsive design ;) p5

Sample voucher lists

License and redistribution

This HotSpot Manager is licensed under the MIT license, Copyright (c) 2017 Tino Reichardt.