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The source for my personal website.

Getting started

First, you'll want to run the setup script:


Then — only if you're me, sorry — you'll want to make sure you clone the writings content repo.

Previewing posts

You'll want the server running in order to preview changes. You can start that by saying:


Now visit http://localhost:4567.

Publishing drafts

One thing to note about how middleman-blog works is that there is a difference between unpublished posts and future-dated posts as to whether they are public (i.e. listed on the posts page and accessible via the sitemap). Such posts are always public in development, but not always available in production or staging.

You can mark a post as unpublished by adding published: false to the post's frontmatter. Unpublished posts are always private, and this cannot be overridden.

You can mark a post as future-dated by setting its date to something in the future. Future-dated posts are also private, but only in production: as long as the PUBLISH_FUTURE_DATED environment variable is set to true in .env.staging, they will be public there.

What this means is that if you want to publish a draft of a post, you must future-date it, as setting it to published: false makes it permanently inaccessible.


The site lives directly on S3, using its static website hosting feature.

There's a staging bucket, which deploys to, and a production bucket, which deploys to

This command will build the site and then upload any modified files to the staging bucket:

bin/deploy staging

And this command will upload files to the production bucket:

bin/deploy production