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require 'thor'
require 'guard/version'
module Guard
# Facade for the Guard command line interface managed by [Thor](
# This is the main interface to Guard that is called by the Guard binary `bin/guard`.
# Do not put any logic in here, create a class and delegate instead.
class CLI < Thor
default_task :start
desc 'start', 'Starts Guard'
method_option :clear,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-c',
:banner => 'Auto clear shell before each change/run_all/reload'
method_option :notify,
:type => :boolean,
:default => true,
:aliases => '-n',
:banner => 'Notifications feature (growl/libnotify)'
method_option :verbose,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-v',
:banner => 'Show verbose messages'
method_option :group,
:type => :array,
:default => [],
:aliases => '-g',
:banner => 'Run only the passed groups'
method_option :watchdir,
:type => :string,
:aliases => '-w',
:banner => 'Specify the directory to watch'
method_option :guardfile,
:type => :string,
:aliases => '-G',
:banner => 'Specify a Guardfile'
method_option :no_vendor,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-I',
:banner => 'Ignore vendored dependencies'
method_option :watch_all_modifications,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-A',
:banner => 'Watch for all file modifications including moves and deletions'
method_option :no_interactions,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-i',
:banner => 'Turn off completely any guard terminal interactions'
method_option :no_bundler_warning,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-B',
:banner => 'Turn off warning when Bundler is not present'
# Start Guard by initialize the defined Guards and watch the file system.
# This is the default task, so calling `guard` is the same as calling `guard start`.
# @see Guard.start
def start
verify_bundler_presence unless options[:no_bundler_warning]
rescue Interrupt
desc 'list', 'Lists guards that can be used with init'
# List the Guards that are available for use in your system and marks
# those that are currently used in your `Guardfile`.
# @see Guard::DslDescriber.list
def list
desc 'version', 'Show the Guard version'
map %w(-v --version) => :version
# Shows the current version of Guard.
# @see Guard::VERSION
def version
verify_bundler_presence "Guard version #{ ::Guard::VERSION }"
desc 'init [GUARD]', 'Generates a Guardfile at the current directory (if it is not already there) and adds all installed guards or the given GUARD into it'
method_option :bare,
:type => :boolean,
:default => false,
:aliases => '-b',
:banner => 'Generate a bare Guardfile without adding any installed guard into it'
# Initializes the templates of all installed Guards and adds them
# to the `Guardfile` when no Guard name is passed. When passed
# a guard name is does the same but only for that Guard.
# @see Guard::Guard.initialize_template
# @see Guard::Guard.initialize_all_templates
# @param [String] guard_name the name of the Guard to initialize
def init(guard_name = nil)
::Guard.create_guardfile(:abort_on_existence => options[:bare])
return if options[:bare]
if guard_name.nil?
desc 'show', 'Show all defined Guards and their options'
map %w(-T) => :show
# Shows all Guards and their options that are defined in
# the `Guardfile`
# @see
def show
# Verifies if Guard is run with `bundle exec` and
# shows a hint to do so if not.
def verify_bundler_presence
if File.exists?('Gemfile') && !ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'] <<EOT
Guard here! It looks like your project has a Gemfile, yet you are running
`guard` outside of Bundler. If this is your intent, feel free to ignore this
message. Otherwise, consider using `bundle exec guard` to ensure your
dependencies are loaded correctly.
(You can run `guard` with --no-bundler-warning to get rid of this message.)
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