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Make the Bundler warning less scary and more friendly

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1 parent 0b43108 commit 96fae0214480e9cf3d50663d3287e82e65160d45 @mcmire committed Apr 11, 2012
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  1. +8 −1 lib/guard/cli.rb
@@ -159,7 +159,14 @@ def show
def verify_bundler_presence
if File.exists?('Gemfile') && !ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE']
- ::Guard::UI.warning 'You are using Guard outside of Bundler, this is dangerous and may not work. Using `bundle exec guard` is safer.'
+ <<EOT
+Guard here! It looks like your project has a Gemfile, yet you are running
+`guard` outside of Bundler. If this is your intent, feel free to ignore this
+message. Otherwise, consider using `bundle exec guard` to ensure your
+dependencies are loaded correctly.
+(You can run `guard` with --no-bundler-warning to get rid of this message.)

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