Rails plugin that dynamically includes stylesheet and javascript files based on the current controller, parent controller, action, and layout
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This is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that dynamically includes stylesheet and javascript files based on the current controller and action as well as the parent controller and current layout. Also lets you add stylesheet and javascript files to your <head> tag at runtime.

What's this all about?

So maybe you're designing a Rails app, and you enjoy the whole MVC thing and how everything's structured, and you like how you can incorporate Ruby into your views, and life is generally grand.

Except for the fact that your views are a mish-mash of CSS and HTML, or maybe they're not, but your application.css is like 1000 lines long and refers to classes and ids that are scattered across your views. “You know,” you say to yourself, “I wish I could somehow split them up based on controller and possibly view.”

Smart assets to the rescue! All you have to is reach inside your layout and add

<%= smart_asset_includes %>

and the stylesheet(s) that correspond to the current controller and action will be dynamically included when the page is loaded.

It just so happens that the same thing actually applies to Javascript files as well. So you can get rid of this line too:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

Time for an example. Let's say you have a FooController which inherits from a BaseController, and in it you have an “index” action which is rendered using the “main” laout. When it's called, the following files will be included, if they exist:

- public/stylesheets/application.css
- public/stylesheets/base.css
- public/stylesheets/foo.css
- public/stylesheets/foo/index.css
- public/stylesheets/layouts/main.css
- public/javascripts/application.js
- public/javascripts/base.js
- public/javascripts/foo.js
- public/javascripts/foo/index.js
- public/stylesheets/layouts/main.js

So if you want to share a stylesheet between two views in the same controller, you just create a stylesheet for that controller (e.g. public/stylesheets/foo.css). If just for a view, create one for the view (e.g. public/stylesheets/foo/index.css).

But what if you want to share a stylesheet between two controllers? You could add the code to application.css, but that still might clutter up your CSS. But smart_assets has got a solution for that too. Let's say the two controllers are FooController and BarController. Simply create public/stylesheets/foo–bar.css and smart_assets knows when to include them.

What else can smart_assets do? Include stylesheets or javascripts at runtime, of course!

class FooController < ActionController::Base
  def do_something_cool
    # stuff goes here...
    add_to_stylesheets( some_boolean_method? ? 'pink' : 'black' )

This will include public/stylesheets/foo/pink.css or public/stylesheets/foo/black.css depending on the return value of #some_boolean_method?.

Note that if we wanted to include e.g. public/stylesheets/black.css instead, we could do:

add_to_stylesheets( some_boolean_method? ? '/pink' : '/black' )

And that's all!


© 2007-2008 Elliot Winkler (elliot dot winkler at gmail dot com). Released under the MIT license.