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Sentinel NPCs: Combat NPCs for Spigot!


Version 1.8.5: Compatible with Spigot 1.8.8 through 1.13.2 (Primarily targeted at 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 - see info section below if on other supported versions)



Update Warnings


Created by mcmonkey4eva on behalf of the Citizens and Denizen teams.

Join us on Discord!: in the #sentinel-lobby channel.

  • NPC's won't do melee damage? In your config.yml file, toggle the setting that says "workaround damage" to true, and restart your server!
  • NPC's won't do ranged damaged, or protection plugins causing problems? In your config.yml file, toggle the setting that says "enforce damage" to true, and restart your server!
  • Note that back-support for older versions is sometimes limited. Compatibility is tested mainly on the most recent one or two versions. 1.8.8 servers are supported as the oldest option, but not fully functional. See notes here:


  • First, get acquainted with Citizens in general for best luck using Sentinel.
  • Second, download the plugin and put it into your server's plugins folder.
  • Third, if you want to adjust the config, start the server to generate a config, then close the server and edit the config (open plugins/Sentinel/config.yml with a text editor) to your liking and finally restart the server.
  • Now, to create your first Sentinel:
    • Select or create an NPC (/npc sel or /npc create Bob)
    • Run command: /trait Sentinel
    • Run command: /npc equip
    • Give the NPC items as needed, by right clicking the NPC with the wanted item. Generally you'll want to give the NPC armor and a weapon.
    • Run command: /sentinel addtarget MONSTERS
    • Spawn a zombie via creative inventory spawn eggs and watch it die!
    • Run command: /sentinel help
      • This will list all your options to edit the NPC's Sentinel settings.
        • Play with them freely, just be careful if you have other players around!
        • Do note, they won't attack you unless you run command: /sentinel removeignore owner.
  • Examples:
    • To make your NPC attack sword wielders, use /sentinel addtarget helditem:.*sword

Common Issues

  • "My Sentinel NPC won't attack me!"
    • Sentinel NPC's do not attack their owner by default as a safety measure (to avoid you dying while setting the NPC up). To allow the NPC to attack you, use command /sentinel removeignore owner
  • "My NPCs aren't respawning at their spawnpoint value / are respawning just where they died!"
    • You likely have an unrelated respawner taking control. The most common cause of this would be the Citizens native respawn functionality... if that's been activated, you can disable that by using command /npc respawn -1
  • "My NPCs aren't dropping their items when they die! I used /sentinel drops and everything!"
    • You may have a plugin or world setting blocking drops. If this is the case, the easiest solution is to just enable workaround drops in the config (Find your Sentinel/config.yml file, open it in a text editor, and change that value from false to true, then use /sentinel reload).
  • "My NPCs aren't taking/giving damage in no-PvP zones!"
    • If you're using WorldGuard for anti-PvP... update! WG 7.0.0 has patches to fix this issue! If you're using a different plugin or can't update, consider enabling the workaround damage and/or enforce damage options in the config.


Sentinel integrates with a few external plugins, including:

  • Vault, for permission group targets! (Use group:GROUP_HERE)
  • Towny, for town targets! (Use towny:TOWN_HERE)
  • Factions, for faction targets! (Use factions:FACTION_HERE, factionsenemy:NAME, factionsally:NAME)
  • SimpleClans, for clan targets! (Use simpleclan:CLAN_NAME_HERE)
  • War, for war team targets! (Use war_team:WAR_TEAM_NAME)
  • CrackShot, to allow NPCs to fire CrackShot weapons.

Sentinel is integrated into by external plugins as well, including:

  • Denizen (using Depenizen as a bridge), for scriptable targeting!
    • Use held_denizen_item:DENIZEN_ITEM_NAME for targeting based on targets holding a Denizen item
    • or use denizen_proc:PROCEDURE_SCRIPT_NAME to fire a procedure script with first procedure context (named 'entity' by default) being the entity that might be a target. Determine 'true' or 'false' to indicate whether the entity is a target.


  • Informational commands...
    • /sentinel help - Shows help info.
    • /sentinel info - Shows info on the current NPC.
    • /sentinel stats - Shows statistics about the current NPC.
    • /sentinel targets - Shows the targets of the current NPC.
    • /sentinel ignores - Shows the ignore targets of the current NPC.
    • /sentinel avoids - Shows the avoid targets of the current NPC.
  • Administrative commands...
    • /sentinel debug - Toggles debug output to console.
    • /sentinel reload - Reloads the configuration file.
  • NPC control commands...
    • /sentinel kill - Kills the NPC.
    • /sentinel respawn - Respawns the NPC.
    • /sentinel forgive - Forgives all current targets.
    • /sentinel guard [PLAYERNAME] - Makes the NPC guard a specific player. Don't specify a player to stop guarding.
  • NPC targeting commands...
    • /sentinel addtarget TYPE - Adds a target.
    • /sentinel removetarget TYPE - Removes a target.
    • /sentinel addignore TYPE - Ignores a target.
    • /sentinel removeignore TYPE - Allows targeting a target.
    • /sentinel addavoid TYPE - Avoids a target.
    • /sentinel removeavoid TYPE - Stops avoiding a target.
  • NPC configuration commands...
    • /sentinel avoidrange RANGE - Sets the distance to try to keep from threats.
    • /sentinel range RANGE - Sets the NPC's maximum attack range.
    • /sentinel damage DAMAGE - Sets the NPC's attack damage.
    • /sentinel armor ARMOR - Sets the NPC's armor level.
    • /sentinel health HEALTH - Sets the NPC's health level.
    • /sentinel attackrate RATE ['ranged'] - Changes the rate at which the NPC attacks, in seconds. Either ranged or close modes.
    • /sentinel healrate RATE - Changes the rate at which the NPC heals, in seconds.
    • /sentinel respawntime TIME - Changes the time it takes for the NPC to respawn, in seconds.
    • /sentinel chaserange RANGE - Changes the maximum distance an NPC will run before returning to base.
    • /sentinel drops - Changes the drops of the current NPC.
    • /sentinel targettime TIME - Sets the NPC's enemy target time limit in seconds.
    • /sentinel speed SPEED - Sets the NPC's movement speed modifier.
    • /sentinel guarddistance MINIMUM_DISTANCE [SELECTION_RANGE] - Sets the NPC's minimum guard distance (how far you must go before the NPC moves to keep up) and selection range (how close it will try to get to you).
    • /sentinel spawnpoint - Changes the NPC's spawn point to its current location, or removes it if it's already there.
    • /sentinel greeting GREETING - Sets a greeting message for the NPC to say.
    • /sentinel warning WARNING - Sets a warning message for the NPC to say.
    • /sentinel greetrange RANGE - Sets how far a player can be from an NPC before they are greeted.
    • /sentinel accuracy OFFSET - Sets the accuracy of an NPC.
    • /sentinel squad SQUAD - Sets the NPC's squad name (null for none).
    • /sentinel reach REACH - Sets the NPC's reach (how far it can punch).
    • /sentinel avoidreturnpoint - Changes the location the NPC runs to when avoid mode is activated, or removes it if the NPC is already there.
  • Toggleable NPC configuration commands...
    • /sentinel invincible ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC is invincible.
    • /sentinel fightback ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will fight back.
    • /sentinel runaway ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will run away when attacked.
    • /sentinel needammo ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will need ammo.
    • /sentinel safeshot ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will avoid damaging non-targets.
    • /sentinel chaseclose ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will chase while in 'close quarters' fights.
    • /sentinel chaseranged ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC will chase while in ranged fights.
    • /sentinel enemydrops ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether enemy mobs of this NPC drop items.
    • /sentinel autoswitch ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC automatically switches items.
    • /sentinel realistic ['true'/'false'] - Toggles whether the NPC should use "realistic" targeting logic (don't attack things you can't see).

Sentry user?

  • Type "/sentinel sentryimport" on a server running both Sentry and Sentinel to instantly transfer all data to Sentinel!
  • Sentinel 1.7.2 is the last version that contained the Sentry importer. If you need to import old Sentry data, you must use a 1.7.2 build.


  • sentinel.basic for the /sentinel command
  • sentinel.admin to edit other player's Sentinel NPCs.
  • sentinel.greet for commands: greeting, warning, greetrange
  • for commands: info, stats, targets
  • Everything else is "sentinel.X" where "X" is the command name, EG "sentinel.damage".


These are all valid targets and ignores:

  • In 1.9 or higher: SHULKERS
  • In 1.10 or higher: POLAR_BEARS
  • In 1.12 or higher: PARROTS, ILLUSIONERS
  • Also allowed: player:NAME(REGEX), npc:NAME(REGEX), entityname:NAME(REGEX), helditem:MATERIALNAME(REGEX), group:GROUPNAME(EXACT)
  • Also, event:pvp/pvnpc/pve/pvsentinel
  • Also, via internal sample integrations: sbteam:SCOREBOARD_TEAM_HERE, healthabove:PERCENTAGE and healthbelow:PERCENTAGE, permission:PERM.KEY, squad:SENTINEL_SQUAD_NAME, uuid:UUID
  • Also, event:message,SOMETEXT will match chat messages that contain 'sometext'.
  • Also anything listed in the integrations section above!
  • You can also add multi-targets - that is, multi:TARGET_ONE,TARGET_TWO,... to have multiple targets required together.
    • For example: multi:PLAYER,PLAYER,CHICKEN will make the NPC angry at 2 players and a chicken if they are all together.
    • As another example: multi:npc:steve,player,healthabove:50 will make the player angry at the NPC named steve, any one player, and any entity with health above 50%, if all 3 are together.
    • Note that currently multi targets do not work with ignores.
  • You can also add all-in-one list targets - that is, allinone:REQUIRED_ONE|REQUIRED_TWO|... to have multiple target inputs that all must match for a single entity.
    • For example, allinone:player|healthabove:50 will target specifically a player with health above 50%.
    • As another example: allinone:chicken|entityname:cluckers|healthbelow:75 will target specifically injured chickens who are named "cluckers".
    • Note that incompatible requirements don't work together (for example, allinone:dolphin|parrot doesn't work, because no single entity is both a dolphin and a parrot).
  • Note that you can have allinone targets inside a multi target, but you cannot have multi targets inside an allinone target.
  • Also, do not put allinone inside another allinone, and do not put a multi inside another multi.
  • Note that to remove allinone and multi targets, you need to use the ID number (use /sentinel targets and related commands to find the ID), like /sentinel removetarget allinone:0.

Some random supported things

  • Weapons:
    • Fists
    • Swords/tools
    • Bow
      • equip NPC with arrows of any given type in their inventory to set fired arrow type!
    • Blaze rod (shoots fire balls!)
    • Potions (splash, lingering)
    • Nether star (strikes lightning!)
    • Spectral arrow (makes the target glow, without damaging it.)
      • (To make a target glow ++ damage it, equip a bow + arm it with spectral arrows!)
    • Snowballs
    • Eggs
    • Ender Pearls (Causes the target to get flung into the air!)
    • Skulls (Dangerous wither skull explosions!)
    • CrackShot guns!
  • Respawning can be set to "-1" to cause the NPC to delete itself on death, or "0" to prevent respawn.
  • Sentinels will guard a point or path if either is set using the command "/npc path"
  • To make a ghast or blaze fire fireballs, give them a blazerod!
  • Damage value for a Sentinel NPC can be set to "-1" to auto-calculate from held item (otherwise, it will used as a raw HP damage amount).
  • Armor value can be set to "-1" to auto-calculate from equipped armor (otherwise, set a value between 0.0 and 1.0 to indicate how much of any damage will be blocked).

Integrating Your Plugin With Sentinel

If you're building a separate plugin you would like to integrate into Sentinel, you should:

  • Use Maven to link the project properly...
  • Use the Citizens repository:
  • And add Sentinel as a provided dependency (be sure to change the version to match the current version available):

Need help using Sentinel? Try one of these places:


Also check out:

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