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### Donations

**Support Sentinel on Patreon!**:
- **Support Sentinel on Patreon!**:
- **Join us on Discord!**: in the `#sentinel-lobby` channel.

### Info

@@ -141,11 +142,44 @@ These are all valid targets and ignores:
- Damage value for a Sentinel NPC can be set to "-1" to auto-calculate from held item (otherwise, it will used as a raw HP damage amount).
- Armor value can be set to "-1" to auto-calculate from equipped armor (otherwise, set a value between 0.0 and 1.0 to indicate how much of any damage will be blocked).

### Integrating Your Plugin With Sentinel

If you're building a separate plugin you would like to integrate into Sentinel, you should:

- Use Maven to link the project properly...
- Use the Citizens repository:
- And add Sentinel as a `provided` dependency (be sure to change the version to match the current version available):
- You may also want to link Citizens in Maven if you haven't already - see for relevant information on that.


- Add a `depend` or `softdepend` (as relevant) on `Sentinel` to your `plugin.yml` file. See sample of how Sentinel does this to depend on other plugins here:
- When possible, take advantage of the `SentinelIntegration` class:
- Extend the class (with your own custom class) and implement whichever methods you need. See samples of integrations available here:
- Within your plugin's `onEnable`, Register the class by calling `SentinelPlugin.integrations.add(new YourIntegration());` where `YourIntegration` is the integration class you created.
- You might also benefit from events like the `SentinelAttackEvent`
- If you're lost, feel free to ask for help using the help channels listed below.

### Need help using Sentinel? Try one of these places:

- **IRC** (Modern):
- ( in the channel #citizens)
- **Discord** (Modern): in the `#sentinel-lobby` channel.
- **Spigot Info Page** (Modern):
- The GitHub issues page

### Dependencies

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