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Permanently online drum machine, using React & Arweave
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Hotdog Rhythm Station

A permanently online drum machine, using React & Arweave.

A version of this app can always be found:

This project was created for the Arweave Hackathon. The Arweave / Permaweb is a method of permanent storage on the Internet using blockchain technology, with crypto mining used to economically incentivise data storage.

Release v1.0.0 - initial release

  • Minimized feature set
  • Play/Stop button
  • Tempo control
  • Eight default samples preloaded.
  • Simple name display and volume control per channel.
  • Can save patterns to permaweb.
  • This version just reads the last saved pattern.
  • By default you can create patterns, with the default sample kit.
  • Loading/Saving (Read/Write) to permaweb require a wallet key file.

Release v1.1.0 - bugfix/performance release

  • Bugfix: responsive design improved for mobile
  • Code refactoring to simplify code and prepare for future features
  • Performance bugfixes

Release v1.1.1 - minor additions

  • Added Arweave-ID support
  • added footer with links

Future Features

  • User samples can be loaded from the permaweb.
  • Channels are flexible, can add/remove.
  • Multiple effects per channel.
  • Ability choose a pattern save name.
  • Browse through your saved projects to select one to load.


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