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#Turntable API

A simple nodejs wrapper for the turntable API. You'll need to find your AUTH, USERID and ROOMID information with this bookmarklet.


npm install ttapi

If you are having problems with npm (like with Windows nodejs or portable versions), just clone the repo and edit the templates in the 'examples' folder!


Chat bot

This bot responds to anybody who writes "/hello" in the chat.

var Bot = require('ttapi');
var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID, ROOMID);

bot.on('speak', function (data) {
   // Respond to "/hello" command
   if (data.text.match(/^\/hello$/)) {
      bot.speak('Hey! How are you @'' ?');


This bot logs the room activity in the console.

var Bot    = require('ttapi');
var AUTH   = 'auth+live+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
var USERID = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
var ROOMID = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID);

bot.on('ready',        function (data) { bot.roomRegister(ROOMID); });
bot.on('roomChanged',  function (data) { console.log('The bot has changed room.', data); });

bot.on('speak',        function (data) { console.log('Someone has spoken', data); });
bot.on('update_votes', function (data) { console.log('Someone has voted',  data); });
bot.on('registered',   function (data) { console.log('Someone registered', data); });

Dynamic bot

REPL allows you to dynamically call the bot functions and modify his variables during his execution.

var Bot  = require('ttapi')
  , repl = require('repl');

var bot = new Bot(AUTH, USERID, ROOMID);
repl.start('> ') = bot;

// ...


bot.debug = true;

That will print on the terminal all the data that you get and all the data that you send.




Here are some examples of the data that you'll receive from those events.

on('tcpConnect', function (socket) { })

Triggered when a socket opens a connection.

on('tcpMessage', function (socket, msg) { })

Triggered when the bot receives a tcp message.

on('tcpEnd', function (socket) { })

Triggered when a socket closes its connection.

on('httpRequest', function (request, response) { })

Triggered when the bot receives an http request.

on('roomChanged', function (data) { })

Triggered when the bot enters a room.

on('registered', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user enters the room.

on('deregistered', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user leaves the room.

on('speak', function (data) { })

Triggered when a new message is sent via the chat.

on('endsong', function (data) { })

Triggered at the end of the song. (Just before the newsong/nosong event)

The data returned by this event contains information about the song that has just ended.

on('newsong', function (data) { })

Triggered when a new song starts.

on('nosong', function (data) { })

Triggered when there is no song.

on('update_votes', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user votes.

on('booted_user', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user gets booted.

on('update_user', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user updates their name/profile.

on('add_dj', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user takes a dj spot.

on('rem_dj', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user leaves a dj spot.

on('new_moderator', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user is promoted to a moderator.

on('rem_moderator', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user loses his moderator title.

on('snagged', function (data) { })

Triggered when a user queues the currently playing song.

on('pmmed', function (data) { })

Triggered when the bot receives a private message.


tcpListen ( port, address )

Start a tcp server.

listen ( port, address )

Start an http server.

roomNow ( [callback:fn] )

Get the turntable server time.

listRooms ( skip=0:int [, callback:fn] )

Get 20 rooms.

directoryGraph ( callback:fn )

Get the location of your friends/idols.

stalk ( userId:string [, allInformations=false:bool ], callback:fn )

Get the location of a user. If allInformations is true, you'll also receive the information about the room and the user.


This function will make the bot become a fan of the user.

getFavorites ( callback:fn )

Get your favorite rooms.

addFavorite ( roomId:string [, callback:fn ] )

Add a room to your favorite rooms.

remFavorite ( roomId:string [, callback:fn ] )

Remove a room from your favorite rooms.

roomRegister ( roomId:string [, callback:fn] )

Register in a room.

roomDeregister ( [callback:fn] )

Deregister from the current room.

roomInfo ( [[extended=true:bool, ]callback:fn] )

Get the current room information. Do not include song log if 'extended' is false.

speak ( msg:string [, callback:fn] )

Broadcast a message in the chat.

bootUser ( userId:string, reason:string [, callback:fn] )

Boot a user.

boot ( userId:string, reason:string [, callback:fn] )

Alias of bootUser().

addModerator ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Add a moderator.

remModerator ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Remove a moderator.

addDj ( [callback:fn] )

Add yourself as a Dj.

remDj ( [[userId:string, ]callback:fn] )

Remove a Dj.

stopSong ( [callback:fn] )

Skip the current song.

skip ( [callback:fn] )

Alias of stopSong().

vote ( val:enum('up', 'down') [, callback:fn] )

Vote for the current song.

bop ( )

Alias of vote('up').

userAuthenticate ( [callback:fn] )

Authenticate the user.

userInfo ( [callback:fn] )

Get the current user's information.

getFanOf ( callback:fn )

Get the list of who you've become a fan of.

getFans ( callback:fn )

Returns an array of everyone who is a fan of yours.


bot.getFans(function (data) { console.log(data); });
// { msgid: 7, fans: [ '4e69c14e4fe7d00e7303cd6d', ... ], success: true }

getUserId ( name:string, callback:fn )

Get a user's id by his name.


bot.getUserId('@alain_gilbert', function (data) { console.log(data); });
// { msgid: 12, userid: '4deadb0f4fe7d013dc0555f1', success: true }

getProfile ( [[userId:string, ]callback:fn] )

Get a user's profile.

modifyProfile ( profile:obj [, callback:fn] )

Modify your profile. Any missing properties from the 'profile' object will be replaced with the current values.


  • profile:obj (required)
    • name:string (optional)
    • twitter:string (optional)
    • facebook:string (optional)
    • website:string (optional)
    • about:string (optional)
    • topartists:string (optional)
    • hangout:string (optional)
  • callback:fn (optional)


bot.modifyProfile({ website:'', about:'My bot.' }, callback);

modifyLaptop ( laptop:enum('linux', 'mac', 'pc', 'chrome' , 'iphone', 'android') [, callback:fn] )

Modify your laptop.

modifyName ( name:string [, callback:fn] )

Modify your name.

setAvatar ( avatarId:int [, callback:fn] )

Set your avatar.

becomeFan ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Fan someone.

removeFan ( userId:string [, callback:fn] )

Unfan someone.

snag ( [ callback:fn ] )

Snag the song.


This function will not add the song into the queue.

pm (msg:string, receiverId:string, [ callback:fn ] )

Send a private message.

pmHistory ( receiverId:string, callback:fn )

Get the private conversation history.

setStatus ( status:enum('available', 'unavailable', 'away') [, callback:fn ] )

Set your current status.

playlistAll ( [ playlistName:string, ] callback:fn )

Get all information about a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • callback (required)


bot.playlistAll(playlistName, callback);

playlistAdd ( [ playlistName:string, ] songId:string [, index:int [, callback:fn]] )

Add a song to a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • songId (required)
  • index (optional) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistAdd(songId, idx);
bot.playlistAdd(songId, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(songId, idx, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, idx);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(playlistName, songId, idx, callback);
bot.playlistAdd(false, songId, callback); // Backward compatibility
bot.playlistAdd(false, songId);           // Backward compatibility

playlistRemove ( [ playlistName:string, ] index:int [, callback:fn ] )

Remove a song on a playlist.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • index (optional) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistRemove(index, callback);
bot.playlistRemove(playlistName, index);
bot.playlistRemove(playlistName, index, callback);

playlistReorder ( [ playlistName:string, ] indexFrom:int, indexTo:int [, callback:fn ] )

Reorder a playlist. Take the song at index indexFrom and move it to index indexTo.


  • playlistName (optional) default: default
  • indexFrom (required) default: 0
  • indexTo (required) default: 0
  • callback (optional)


bot.playlistReorder(indexFrom, indexTo);
bot.playlistReorder(indexFrom, indexTo, callback);
bot.playlistReorder(playlistName, indexFrom, indexTo);
bot.playlistReorder(playlistName, indexFrom, indexTo, callback);

searchSong ( query:string, callback:fn )

Search for songs.


  • query
  • callback


bot.searchSong(query, callback);

getStickers ( callback:fn )

Get all stickers informations.


bot.getStickers(function (data) { console.log(data); });

getStickerPlacements ( userid:string, callback:fn )

Get the information about a user stickers.


bot.getStickerPlacements('4e0889d4a3f7517d1100af78', function (data) { console.log(data); });