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Citations in Hakyll using Bibtex
Matthias C. M. Troffaes

Trying to move my homepage to Hakyll, to my pleasant surprise I found out that pandoc, which drives Hakyll, supports citations. The documentation on how to use this feature from within Hakyll is rather sparse. After some searching, I came across the source of Julien Tanguy's website, and in particular, his site script. In a nutshell, you need to do the following.

First, download a csl file which encodes the referencing style. Zotero has an excellent index. I chose Elsevier (numeric, with titles, sorted alphabetically).

Then, you need to tell Hakyll to do a number of things. It needs to compile your csl and bibtex file(s). If you put all your bibtex files in the bib/ folder, and all your csl files in the csl/ folder, then you need, in your main = hakyll $ do{.haskell} block:

match "bib/*" $ compile biblioCompiler
match "csl/*" $ compile cslCompiler

Next, write a function that loads the compiled csl and bib files, and runs the pandoc compiler using those files:

bibtexCompiler :: String -> String -> Compiler (Item String)
bibtexCompiler cslFileName bibFileName = do
    csl <- load $ fromFilePath cslFileName
    bib <- load $ fromFilePath bibFileName
    liftM writePandoc
        (getResourceBody >>= readPandocBiblio def csl bib)

This is the least trivial bit. It would be nice if Hakyll provided this function by default; in good open source spirit, I submitted a patch.

Finally, compile any document that uses a bibliography with bibtexCompiler{.haskell} instead of pandocCompiler{.haskell}, and specify the relevant bib and csl files. For example, in your main = hakyll $ do{.haskell} block:

match "" $ do
    route   $ setExtension "html"
    compile $ bibtexCompiler
              "csl/elsevier-with-titles-alphabetical.csl" "bib/research.bib"
        >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/default.html" defaultContext
        >>= relativizeUrls

That's it!