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This repo contains the contents of The site is built by Travis CI using Jekyll (a static site generator) and hosted on GitHub Pages.

Pull requests are welcome! 🎉 Please read our guide on Contributing. If you want to build the site yourself, to test your changes before opening a pull request, then please check out the Getting Started guide below.

Getting started

These instructions cover running this project locally on both macOS and Windows so that you can preview changes.

First, navigate somewhere safe and clone the repository.

git clone

If you are not comfortable using git on the command-line, then check out the git cheat sheet or try GitHub Desktop.


⚠️ DO NOT PUSH TO THE gh-pages BRANCH! The site is branch-aware and automatically deployed by Travis CI.

The current (stable) version of Rhino is defined in the stable: field in the _config.yml file. The n branch that corresponds to the stable release is built and deployed to

The master branch represents the WIP version of the site. Changes to the master branch will be built by Travis and deployed to

Branches are defined in _config.yml (under version_branches) and will be built and deployed into a subpath with the same name; for example: the 5 branch is built and deployed to

Installing Ruby

See Jekyll's official guides for macOS and Windows.

Installing Jekyll and plug-ins

cd developer-rhino3d-com

gem install bundler

# script for macOS

# manual method for Windows
bundle install

Running the server locally

You can now serve your local copy of this site by running the server script.


Note: The api/* subdirectories are excluded when previewing the site locally which speeds things up a bit!

What next?

Once you have cloned or forked this repository and are able to build it locally, please read the following guides:

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