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Rhino Inside Unity

The Rhino Inside technology allows Rhino and Grasshopper to be embedded within other products.

This folder contains a sample project that demonstrates:

  1. Starting Rhino and Grasshopper in Unity.
  2. Call directly into RhinoCommon APIs from Unity.

Questions? Visit the discussion forum...

Getting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


Getting Source & Build

  1. Clone the repository. At the command prompt, enter the following command:
git clone --recursive rhino.inside
  1. Go to rhino.inside\Unity\Sample1\Assets\Standard Assets\RhinoInside folder and double click on RhinoCommon.Update.bat.

Using the samples

  • Run Unity and open the rhino.inside\Unity\Sample1 project folder.
  • Rhino WIP should load inside Unity.

Sample 1

  1. Go to the Unity main menu bar.
  2. Click on Sample1/Create Loft Surface.
  3. You should have a Lofted surface in the Unity scene.
  4. You can adjust the control balls and the surface will be reevaluated.

Thanks to Long Nguyen for his contribution to this Sample

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