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  • New Feature: Revamped ACAS Label Sequences to be backed by true database sequences, and added a UI for creating new Label Sequences and associating them with user roles.
  • Bugfix: Reworked database authentication user signup, password reset, and password change workflow.
  • New Feature: Added a new configuration option to control the ACAS homepage link url.

ACAS Component

  • New Feature: Added "code" and "isTestedEntity" to ConfiguredEntityTypes to allow for code and displayName to differ, and to filter which entity types are usable in SEL.
  • New Feature: Added new entity save locking feature to Example Thing.
  • New Feature: Added a database API view to expose condition columns loaded via SEL.
  • Bugfix: Increased the timeout for runRFunction.

ACAS Infrastructure

  • Bugfix: Fixed the acas.sh startup script to preserve environment variables when the server.run.user config is set.

ACAS Author

  • New Feature: Added ACAS Author management tools for browsing, editing, creating, and deleting ACAS authors. The new modules allow for editing of user roles if managed in ACAS, or read-only viewing of roles per user if managed via LDAP.
  • Bugfix: ACAS now allows for reuse of username and email for ACAS authors if pre-existing author has been logically deleted.


  • New Feature: Added an example SEL preprocessor that de-aliases barcodes into lot Corporate IDs.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with Very Hidden Sheets in Excel files, so SEL will parse the first Visible sheet instead of the first non-Hidden sheet.

Dose Response

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where Curve Curator does not re-fit curves when Smart mode is deselected.
  • New Feature: Added an optional Baseline input to EC50 and IC50-based fits.

Compound Reg Admin

  • New Feature: Added new Compound Reg Admin modules in ACAS to allow for browsing, adding, editing, and deleting of Compound Reg scientists, stereo categories, and vendors

Inventory Services

  • New Feature: Added new configuration options for what the Trash and Benches locations are called in the location tree, and to automatically put new user bench locations into the "Benches" location.
  • Bugfix: Fixed automatic creation of Trash location in an empty database.
  • New Feature: Added route to get location codeNames by array of location breadcrumbs.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where direct database inserts to container_value table from create plate service were missing ls_type_and_kind.
  • New Feature: Added a service to add new states and values to existing containers in bulk.


  • Bugfix: Added new memory management functions for Rapache.


  • New Feature: ACAS-Roo has been updated to use Java 8 (OpenJDK 8).

Compound Reg

  • New Feature: CmpdReg Roo have been updated to use Java 8 (OpenJDK 8).
  • New Feature: Compound Reg now supports using multiple Corporate ID prefixes and sequences using ACAS Label Sequences.
  • New Feature: Added an option to use Compound Reg in full open source mode, using the Indigo Java library and Bingo PostgreSQL cartridge for cheminformatics, and Ketcher for chemical sketching. Added an alternate Dockerfile for the Indigo build, and switched the Compound Reg builds to require a Maven build profile to be passed in: "-P default" for JChem mode, or "-P indigo" for Indigo/Bingo mode.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error that occurs when structure search is performed on an empty database.