a hacking game. ok, a game for testing and strengthening programming skill
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Is something I started because I hadn't found / had access to no alternative.
It is a game that tests and strenghens your programming skills, while giving fun
and achievement at the same time. It's a hacking game if you want to call it that.

The game's idea is currently simple;
- the game presents code-challenges (in form of jumbled code, desired output, some description)
- the player has a fixed amount of time to crack the challenge, by 
deciphering the code into a correct format that when executed (using the game's internally provided interpreter
 -- in the current version, only python is supported)
- you score points as you execute the trial code, till when you either score above the challenge threshold
 (around 70 points) for you to be able to move on to the next challenge, climb levels, get accolades/ badges, etc

-- current game mode is offline.

-- currently, the platforms I've tested with are opensuse 11.3
-- the game is built using c++ (with qt and yaml-cpp)
-- the game simply requires that you have the 'hace' game executable in the same directory as the 'challenges.yaml' (this will change later on)