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A tool for allowing you to explore more of the web in an efficient (and simple) way
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Page Matrix

A tool for exploring more of the web in an efficient (and simple) way. Yes, that's exactly why pagematrix was needed in the first place.

Maybe you just want to explore all the major websites about dogs, or just wish to explore art across various regional domains, or you just want to check if one of your favorite domain keywords has a free slot, or if your domain might be accidentally confused with some xxx website,...

This tool would just help you find answers to these problems or get closer to solving them, easily, efficiently, and right in your browser.

Page Matrix preview

What Applications / Uses for this tool?


  • Explore the dark world of Domain Trolls and Squatters...
  • Discover websites that would never have shown up in your favorite search engine (unpopular sites, newly-registered sites, ancient sites, the dark-web,l33ts, obscure products and firms, etc ...)
  • Compare brand usage or ideas across various existing domains
  • Explore potential parked domains of interest
  • Share or bookmark favorite or interesting parts of the web you discover via Page Matrix
  • Go back to what REAL WEB Surfing used to be (or what it ought to be) - discovering the vast unknown waiting out there on the inter-webs...
  • Just waste time
  • Well, there's xxx tabs for the faint of heart...
  • Does Google own a .ru domain as well?
  • Get Creative and just Exploit this tool for good or evil...
  • etc etc...

So, how do I use Page Matrix?

Using the tool is pretty straight forward:

  • Just navigate to Page Matrix here (don't forget to bookmark the page for next time you need it)

Page Matrix How-To

  • In the prompt "Domain Keyword" type any word or domain keyword e.g "fashion", "dogs", "art", "math", etc
  • Click the "Matrix!" button
  • Click any of the tabs for each of the listed domains generated from your keyword and preview what each of the websites has on offer...
  • Share Page Matrix with your friends...
  • Contribute to this little tool by Forking this Project.

Where's the FUN in This?

Well, depending on your previous biases, your current state of mind, vocabulary, curiousity and sense of humor, there's definitely more to web than you ever thought! Page Matrix might help you discover why...

If you are lucky, you might discover funny, strange or awesome parts of the web. The following might illustrate my point...,,,, Stone Freaks!,...etc etc go forth and explore...

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