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Upgrading to Version 3.0

The configuration for 3.0 is largely compatible with the 2.x configuration. However, it is NOT possible to simply use the 2.x configuration as-is. Instead, you should re-create it.


A number of configuration items have moved into the "security" subsection of radiusd.conf. If you use these, you should move them. Otherwise, they can be ignored.

The list of moved options is:


Modules Directory

As of version 3.0, the modules/ directory no longer exists.

Instead, all "example" modules have been put into the mods-available/ directory. Modules which can be loaded by the server are placed in the mods-enabled/ directory.

Modules can be enabled by creating a soft link. For module foo, do:

$ cd raddb
$ ln -s mods-available/foo mods-enabled/foo

To create "local" versions of the modules, we suggest copying the file instead. This leaves the original file (with documentation) in the mods-available/ directory. Local changes should go into the mods-enabled/ directory.


The SQL configuration has been moved from sql.conf to mods-available/sql. The sqlippool.conf file has also been moved to mods-available/sqlippool.

The SQL module configuration has been changed. The old connection pool options are no longer understood:


Instead, a connection pool configuration is used. This configuration contains all of the functionality of the previous configuration, but in a more generic form. It also is used in multiple modules, meaning that there are fewer different configuration items. The mapping between the configuration items is:

num_sql_socks                 -> pool { max }
connect_failure_retry_delay   -> NOT SUPPORTED
lifetime                      -> pool { lifetime }
max_queries                   -> pool { uses }

The pool configuration adds a number of new configuration options, which allow the administrator to better control how FreeRADIUS uses SQL connection pools.


The EAP configuration has been moved from eap.conf to mods-available/eap.

It is otherwise unchanged. You chould be able to copy your old eap.conf file directly to mods-enabled/eap.


RadSec (or RADIUS over TLS) is now supported. RADIUS over bare TCP is also supported, but is recommended only for secure networks.

See sites-available/tls for complete details on using TLS. The server can both receive incoming TLS connections, and also originate outgoing TLS connections.

The TLS configuration is taken from the old EAP-TLS configuration. It is largely identical to the old EAP-TLS configuration, so it should be simple to use and configure. It re-uses much of the EAP-TLS code, too.

Once RadSec is enabled, normal debugging mode will not work. This is because the TLS code requires threading to work properly. Instead of doing:

$ radiusd -X

you will need to do:

$ radiusd -fxx -l stdout
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