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The Obsidian Smart Contract Language

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   Getting Started <getting_started>
   Obsidian Language Tutorial <tutorial/tutorial>
   Obsidian Reference <reference/reference>
   Using the compiler <compiling>
   Contributing to Obsidian <contributing>

Obsidian is an object-oriented, strongly-typed language for smart contracts. Obsidian provides strong safety guarantees by using typestate and linear types.

Even if you are highly experienced with OOP, you will find that Obsidian is very different from other languages you have used. Obsidian enables the compiler to reason about what states objects are in; by leveraging the power of the compiler, you can ensure that you only manipulate objects in ways that are appropriate for their current state. We recommend that you read the sections of the manual on ownership and states before you write your first Obsidian program.

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