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First installation to test the system

Maxime Coevoet edited this page Apr 16, 2015 · 2 revisions

Once you have downloaded iTP source code, you have to:

  • install it on a webserver
  • import the itpDB.sql file in your database (you could use phpMyAdmin)
  • adjust the file /_connexion.php with the right user, password, server and DB names
  • php.ini file: modify those 2 items:
  • display_error: off
  • display_startup_error: off
  • then you should be able to access the index page
  • to access another page, you will be prompted to login: select ADM user in the login page, the password is "admin"
  • you can now play with it, add users, add patients, go to our process to have an idea of how it works!

Some more information if you just want to try on a "local" webserver:

  • The PHP code is not adapted to version 5.6 and next. It has been tested and works fine until 5.5.3.
  • We did not succeed to make it workable on WAMP. But if you want to try it on Windows, please, use AMPPS ( Working with AMPPS: login to DB = root, password = mysql (to be adjusted in _connexion.php).



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