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Krymoh is a CSS framework that focuses on cinematic features in css that adds live to a web page AKA the CSS movie maker.
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Krymoh 😉

Krymoh is a CSS framework that focuses on cinematic features in css that adds live to a web page AKA the CSS movie maker. This is written in SASS therefore it is modular. The core idea here is to make this the go-to framework when a cinematic feel or property is required in a web page.

Installations & Usage

The framework can be added to your project using two approaches.

1.Install using npm as demostrated below.

   $npm install krymoh.css --save

2.It can be cloned from GitHub and added to your web application as illustrated below.

     <link rel="stylesheet" href="krymoh.min.css" type="text/css">

Core Components

Krymoh ships with these core components:

  1. Animations
  2. Filters
  3. Gradient
  4. Translation
  5. Transitions
  6. Colors (bonus) 😄


The animation component of krymoh takes the form .ani-<animation-name>. These are powerful motion effects that makes user interaction fluid. Below are a list of animations that ships with the framework.

Animation Name Class Name
Pulse pulse
Shake shake
Flip flip
Bounce bounce
Zoom zoom
Wobble wobble
Ghost ghost
Rotate rotate
Side side
Trace trace
Wipe wipe


They are great bits of codes that bring indepth and a bit more hue to your web sites. They defuse the obvious and creates a cinematic illusion. The filters are written in this form .ftr-<filter-name>-<intensity>. The following are a list of filters. The intensity starts from 10 and ends at 500 with a step size of 10

Filter Name Class Name
Brightness brightness
Contrast constrast
Sepia sepia
Invert invert
Saturate saturate
Opacity opacity
Hue Rate hue-rate

K - Special tint this class is used to add a color tone or tint to a given element .i.e an image.

   <div class="tint">
      <img src="<img_url>" style="background-color:red;">


Color gradients give indepth and different perspectives of emphasis to web pages. Here are a list of the various color gradients in krymoh. For gradients, they are written as grad-<gradient-type>

Gradient Name Class Name Type
Blue Seal blue-seal Linear
Green Corel green-corel Linear
Saucy Red saucy-red Linear
Gold Coal gold-coal Linear
Blackish blackish Linear


The transition classes create a seamless movement between objects or elements. It comes in different types and forms with some custom types. A typical transition takes this form .trns-<transition-funtion>-<time>.

Transition Name Class Name
Linear linear
Ease ease
Ease In ease-in
Ease Out ease-out
Ease In Out ease-in-out
Out Back out-back
Out Sine out-sine
Quad quad
Cubic cubic

Custom Transitions

Transition Name Class Name
Force force
Warm Up warm-up
Palpitate palpitate


This component determines how a given element on a web page should be oriented. There are four (4) sub components.

  • Scale
  • Skew
  • Rotate
  • Translate
Translation Name Class Name Condition
Scale sc-ml<num>-mg<num> or sc-<num> where 1 <= num <= 5
Skew sk-<r or l>-<num> where 10 <= num <= 360
Rotate rte-<rad or grad or deg>-<num> where 10 <= num <= 360
Translate trnl-<num>-<num> where 10 <= num <= 360

ml represents multiplier and mg magnitude


These are miscellaneous properties that can be applied to most of the components listed above.

Property Description Type
forever Infinite iteration for animations class
-hvr Perform translation or transition on :hover postfix


Any form of support & contributions to this framework is warmly welcome.

Written in Accra with ❤️

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