Quad Soundscape Generator - A realtime soundscape generator for tabletop surfaces.
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QSG-RU Quad Soundscape Generator- Río Uruguay - 2013, Marco Colasso. marco.colasso (a) gmail.com

Quad Soundscape Generator A realtime soundscape generator for tabletop surfaces. Perceptual classifications of sound and environment are being used to get an holistic management of the sound by the user, being complemented with adaptative mapping techniques commanded by the logic engine. In this way we want to control the whole system away from the rational analysis used daily in the creation and manipulation of sound.


This Application is Cross-platform. In order to run this code, you need 3 programs and some externals.


Use Reactivision or a TUIO compatible software to track fiducials and objects.

http://reactivision.sourceforge.net/ http://www.tuio.org/?software

Logic + Visuals

Use processing version 1.2.1 or 1.5.1, I haven´t ported to version 2.0 yet. https://code.google.com/p/processing/downloads/list?can=1&q=

Libraries: oscP5/netP5


mesh http://www.leebyron.com/else/mesh/

TUIO http://www.tuio.org/?processing

Pure Data

Instal Pure Data Extended.


Load Included Externals.

Download and Import Soundhack Library +pitchdelay~ +bubbler~ Freeware from SoundHack http://www.soundhack.com/freeware/

  1. USAGE

1- Open Reactivision / TuioSimulator.jar

2- Run Processing with: _01_qsgVisuales.pde

3- Run Pure Data: 0_qsgRU.pd


These are the main References used for this work.

  • Code

STEREO, MULTICHANNEL AND BINAURAL SOUND SPATIALIZATION in Pure-Data - 2007, Georg Holzmann grh at mur dot at http://grh.mur.at/publications/sound-spatialization-pd

Andy Farnell - PD- Examples


Pure Data examples/help

  • Book+Papers

    FARNELL Andy. Designing Sound. Applied Scientific Press, London, England ,2008, 650p. HUNT Andy, KIRK Ross, Mapping Strategies for Musical Performance, University of York, U.K., 2000. SCHAEFFER R. Pierre. Solfege de L'Object Sonore Audio CD y Texto. 1998. 176p. SCHAFER R. Murray. The Tunning of the World. Random House Inc, 1st edition, June 1977, 301p. TRUAX Barry, Handbook for acoustic ecology [en linea] Second Edition, Simon Fraser University, and ARC Publications. 1999 Disponible en http://www.sfu.ca/sonic-studio/handbook/ PATTEN James, RETCH Ben, ISHII Hiroshi, Audiopad, a tag based interface for musical performance. Tangible Media Group, MIT JORDÀ Sergi, GEIGER Günter, ALONSO Marcos, KALTENBRUNNER Martin. The reacTable: Exploring the Synergy between Live REAS Casey, FRY Ben, Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists, The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England, 2007. 736p PURE DATA Portal. puredata.info/ Santiago Atmosférico, Pd Patch [En linea], 2006. http://www.mcolasso.com/?p=11 CHADABE Joel, The Limitations of Mapping as a Structural Descriptive in Electronic Instruments. NIME proceedings, Dublin, Irlanda. 2002


Please report bugs and feature requests to:

Marco Colasso mcolasso.com marco.colasso (a) gmail.com