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Lelylan is a cloud platform that makes it simple to create Connected Products by providing an Open API to connect any hardware to the Web in a matter of minutes, giving developers all the tools they need to create new Apps and by offering a ready to use Mobile App to control and monitor in realtime all of your devices without writing one line of code.

@andreareginato, Founder of Lelylan. Follow @lelylan on Twitter.


Beebotte is a cloud platform providing key building blocks to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things and Real time connected applications. Beebotte supports REST, Websockets and MQTT (using Mosca) to connect anything and everything in real time.
@bachwehbi, Founder of Beebotte, Twitter: @x_beebotte

We are building a chat application that is powered by Mosca. Mosca is super important to us as it integrates directly into our Node app, letting us focus on a single codebase rather then have multiple languages and code bases to work with - Faisal Abid, Founder of Dynamatik

SkyNet is an opensource realtime network and API for the Internet of Things with support for HTTP(S) REST, WebSockets, and MQTT for machine-to-machine instant messaging and querying - @ChrisMatthieu, Founder of

HEINS - I/O-Hardware for the Internet of Things

HEINS is the easy way to get real world data into your app. Wire your sensors to HEINS, connect HEINS to your network, power on. Done! Now you can start creating your awesome app. You can subscribe to the internal MQTT-server. Or you can configure HEINS to publish data to an external MQTT-Server.
We use MOSCA for both the MQTT-server inside HEINS and for the external MQTT-Server in our testing environment. PONTE will be used as MQTT-REST-gateway to give software developers access to the data over REST-API.
Currently we are integrating WSN (wireless sensor network) giving access to wireless sensors using Bluetooth 4.0/LE, 6loWPAN or ZigBee.
Stefan, Founder of HEINS - Hardware Open Source Project,, Twitter: @heins_io


vChat - a secure, private, and completely anonymous way to chat - with friends, family, or people you've never met. No Logins, no emails, no social networking, No Facebook, no Twitter, or Google search through your emails, and Amazon passing your data around like a cheap suit. vChat tracks nothing and records nothing. We won't ask you to make an account or verify your email. You're on your own.

vChat works by giving you a room key. You can give it to one, or as many as you like. You can manage it yourself, or we can do that for you. If you need to keep things private then password protect your room. It’s up to you. If you lose it, just make another. They're free. All major browsers supported. vChat uses industry standard messaging protocol MQTT over secure private servers. All major browsers will supported.

Share text, snapshots, and audio too. Computers and devices with a webcam and mic can share photos as well as audio. Even when no one is there, chat away, and your friends will receive your messages when they check in. Use vChat as a secure, and discrete mailbox.
vChat can be found at
Author (Sam Matthews) can be reached at


DIoTY or Do Internet of Things Yourself provides you with a stable infrastructure to build your own IoT projects. It's powered by Mosca's MQTT broker and comes with a mobile app to get you up and running fast.
@ward_vw founder of, Twitter: @dioty_co

Road Rules

Road Rules is an anti-distracted driving app. We understand that people do not want to give up the services on their phones even while driving. Road Rules automates tasks based on rules and context so that drivers are never distracted. MQTT is core to the Road Rules technology stack and Mosca is an integral part of that infrastructure.

LWMQN - Lightweight MQTT Machine Network

LWMQN is an open source project that follows part of OMA LWM2M v1.0 specification to meet the minimum requirements of machine network management. LWMQN is based on MQTT.js, Mosca, LWM2M-like interfaces, and IPSO smart object model. It provides server-side mqtt-shepherd and machine-side mqtt-node libraries to make full-stack IoT development possible with JavaScript and Node.js. Different from cloud-based solutions, LWMQN is finding its way to take care of Local Area Machine Networks with scale from tens to hundred of devices, but if you like to let your machines up to cloud, Why Not? It's Node.js!
Author: simen (

Remote Pad - Server

Remote Pad is a web app that allows you to play games on your computer using your smart phone as a remote controller. The principle is to exchange data in real time using the MQTT protocol and send strokes as if it were a keyboard.

Checkout this 1 minute video of Remote Pad in action:

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@atilacamurca on GitHub. Follow @atilacamurca on Twitter.