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Multi-process nes backend, turn nes into a fully scalable solution
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multines  Build Status

Multi-process nes backend, turn nes into a fully scalable solution.

multines connect multiple instances of Hapi and nes through an external pub/sub broker, currently only redis and mongodb are supported.

multines is powered by MQEmitter, MQEmitterRedis and MQEmitterMongodb.

Important note: this library needs nodejs 8 or greater.


npm i multines --save


See the examples folder.



  • [type] - 'redis' or 'mongodb', if nothing is specified it will use the in-memory MQEmitter
  • [mq] - an instance of MQEmitter, if you do not want to leverage the embedded constructor

The options object is passed through to MQEmitterRedis and MQEmitterMongodb, check their documentation for broker-specific config.

server.subscriptionFar(path, options)

Wrap nes server.subscription(path, options) adding the ability to receive messages from the MQEmitter-based broker.

The subscription supported is slightly different from nes, as it allows wildcards.

server.publishFar(path, message)

Publish a message to the MQEmitter-based broker.


This project was kindly sponsored by nearForm.



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