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Disassembly of the code of the MSX-1 BOOGA-BOO game
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This is a disassembly of the Z80 MSX-1 code of the MSX-1 "BOOGA-BOO" game.

This was the first game I played in my Sony HB-20P when I was a child, probably eight years old.

La Pulga is considered one of the first games made in Spain, and it's a very well known work by Francisco Suárez and Francisco Portalo ("Paco & Paco". Book here: However, the MSX version was wrote by two persons about whom we known almost nothing nowadays. A complete mistery that absolutely puzzels me. They only think we know about the authors of the MSX version is the short notice that they showed in the game: "Quicksilva presents BOOGA-BOO. By Steve & Ann Haigh".

Discovering all the thoughts of its creators as I was deciphering each byte has simply been as amazing as addictive.

I hope you retro-lovers will enjoy it too :)



The main file is disassembly.asm. Compile it with: z80asm disassembly.asm

It should generate a a.bin file with the following SHA sum: 9a63f2a6064a8e28f7251f78c3e91672f5de5253.

If you want to create a CAS file, simply join the HEADER file together with a.bin and rename it to BOOGA.CAS.

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