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Historically CoDaPack 3D was intended to be a package of Compositional Data with an easy and intuitive way of use. For this reason from the beginning it has been associated with Excel, software known and used for many people. However, over the years different versions of Excel and Windows have been appeared and CoDaPack has had to be adapted to these new versions due to some incompatibilities.

For this reason and also because of CoDaPack only worked with Excel under windows; the Girona Compositional Data Group decided to implement a new software with at least the same capabilities and the same profile of users but independent of any other software.

The new CoDaPack has three different areas: the variables area, the data area and the results area which has a textual output window and independent graphical output. Also it is expected to work at least under Unix, Window and MacOS operating systems.

CoDaPack building

To run CoDaPack you need at least Java SE Runtime Environment 8. To build the executables Java SE Development Kit 8 and Maven are required.

Command line steps to build CoDaPack

Clone codapack from Github and move into codapack's folder

git clone
cd codapack

codapack is packaged as a Maven project and can be imported to any IDE: Netbeans, Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. To build CoDaPack from the command line just execute

mvn package

Maven will create the follwing targets:

  • CoDaPack-2.02.21-jar-with-dependencies.jar jar file with all dependencies needed.
  • CoDaPack.exe executable file for Windows.
  • CoDaPack-2.02.21.dmg application for MacOSX.