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When looking at a Github issue, the Github Issue Hoister is intended to help answer the question: "Are there any PRs open for this issue?"

To do this, it takes the links that already links already present in a Github page, such as "Commits that reference this issue", and hoists them to the top of the page:

Example of issue hoister

You can generally click these links to navigate between issues and PRs. However, these links are not always reliable and that's what this guide will clarify.

PR -> Issue

It's easiest to demonstrate moving from PRs to issues because these links are the most reliable.

When the Issue Hoister is able to extract an issue number from a commit message, these will be hoisted to the top of the PR page. You can click an issue number to be taken directly to that issue:

Demonstrating moving from pull request to issues

Issue -> PR

Unfortunately, the links GitHub provides to PRs from an issue are less reliable. The Issue Hoister uses the following rules to provide the links that are most likely to link to a PR:

  • The links most likely to have an associated PR are sorted top to bottom
  • Duplicate commits are removed

To navigate from Issue -> PR, first click on a hoisted link:

Demonstration of hoisted issue links

This opens the associated commit page. If the commit has a PR open for it, the PR number will be linked and listed below the commit message, next to the branch. Click this link to be taken to the issue!

Demonstration of commit page

Note that not all commits will be associated with a PR:

  • The commits could have been deleted from the PR
  • GitHub lists duplicates commits on force pushes (we try to eliminate these)
  • GitHub will sometimes reference commits that have never been part of a PR

The types of hoisted links are as follows:

  • Commits closing this issue
  • Commits referencing this issue
  • (Not yet implemented: #1) PRs/issues that reference this issue. Unfortunately, these may not actually be the PRs open to fix this issue.
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