Redisplay links from an article at the end of the article (prototype).
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For a more comprehensive explanation, see my blog post. Otherwise...

Problem: when reading an article, I may find links that I want to open. However, if I open the links now, I'll lose the context of the article I'm reading and if I open it in the background, I won't remember the context of the article that my links came from.

Solution: repeat article links at the end an article with additional context. For simplicity in implementation, this is done in reader mode.


This prototype does not work across all pages (see below) but seems to work well for articles on:

Try it live!

User experience caveats

There are a few bugs that affect the UX:

  • Most errors are not bubbled up to the client. Only occassionally are errors logged (either on the server or the client)
  • The server does not always retrieve the page
  • The DOM is not always parsed correctly
  • The code that deals with the DOM to pull out articles does not handle error cases correctly and may just explode
  • The code to retrieve article previews often gets blocked by remote servers, leading to no results.


First, install leiningen, a clojure(script) build tool:

brew install leiningen

In a terminal:

lein repl

This will download dependencies & start a REPL. In that:


Connect to:


Once you connect, the cljs repl will be available in your shell and the webpage should update automatically via figwheel.

Implementation details

If these are important to you, let me know and I'll write up some docs.


Built on the Chestnut lein template.