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=== Ruby Pivotal Tracker
- [Code on GitHub](
=== Description
- A Ruby client library for Pivotal Tracker
=== Installation
No installation needed. Just pass your API token key & project ID. You can get these values by logging into Tracker.
=== Changelog
2008-12-14: Added add_comment() support
2008-12-13: Better return values (e.g. the contents of the response as a hash)
2008-12-07: Success/failure validation of the response xml.
2008-12-07: Added some return values
2008-12-06: SSL support
2008-12-06: Forked by Mobile Commons
=== TODO
Add proper tests
More consistent return values from each method
DRY up the redundant code quite a bit
Add a 'deliver' function
Add better support for labels
=== Contributers
Benjamin Stein,
Justin Smestad,, who wrote the original version
=== License
Copyright (c) 2008 Mobile Commons
See MIT-LICENSE.txt in this directory.