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bigbluebutton-api-js is a very simple Javascript library that generates links to all methods in BigBlueButton's API. It's written in Coffeescript and should work in the browser or in Node.js applications.


Open example/index.html or check for a quick example of what this lib does.


  • Gives you links to all API methods.
  • No matter what parameters you pass to it, the lib will only use the parameters that are supported for each API call.
  • You can pass meta parameters to create using the prefix meta_.
  • You can pass any custom parameters to all API calls with the prefix custom_.
  • You can get links for custom API calls. This is useful when developing new API methods.
  • You can also get links to a single method or just get the checksum for a call.


This library requires:

  • jsSHA, used to calculate checksums. You can download it from their website or use the minified version that can be found in the vendor directory.

Add these libraries and bigbluebutton-api.js to your page. Then you can get the links to the API calls with a code similar to this example (code in Coffeescript):

# Create an API object passing the url and the shared secret
api = new BigBlueButtonApi("",

# A hash of parameters.
# The parameter names are the same names BigBlueButton expects to receive in the API calls.
# The lib will make sure that, for each API call, only the parameters supported will be used.
params =
  name: "random-123"
  meetingID: "random-123"
  moderatorPW: "mp"
  attendeePW: "ap"
  password: "mp" # usually equals "moderatorPW"
  welcome: "<br>Welcome to <b>%%CONFNAME%%</b>!"
  fullName: "User 8584148"
  publish: false
  random: "416074726"
  record: false
  recordID: "random-9998650"
  voiceBridge: "75858"
  meta_anything: "My Meta Parameter"
  custom_customParameter: "Will be passed as 'customParameter' to all calls"

urls = []
for method in api.availableApiCalls()
  urls.push { name: method, url: api.urlFor(method, params) }

This call will create an array with several objects, each one defining a single API call. These objects have the following format:

  name: 'join'
  url: ''


  • name: the name of the API method.
  • url: the URL to call the method, as returned by bigbluebutton-api-js.

Custom parameters

You can pass custom parameters using the prefix custom_. These parameters will be included in all API calls.

params =
  name: "random-123"
  meetingID: "random-123"
  custom_customParameter: "random"
  custom_another: 123
url = api.urlFor('join', params)

Will return URLs such as:



Pass metadata parameters using the prefix meta_. These parameters will be included in only in the API calls that support metadata.

params =
  name: "random-9998650"
  meetingID: "random-9998650"
  meta_any: "random"
  meta_another: 123
url = api.urlFor('create', params)

Will return URLs such as:


Custom API calls

You can pass any method you'd like to urlFor(), even if it's not a method supported by default on BigBlueButton's API. All the parameters passed to urlFor will be added to the API call.

params =
  meetingID: "random-9998650"
  meta_any: "random"
  custom_another: 123
url = api.urlFor('customApiCall', params)

Will return URLs such as:


### More

* To get just the checksum for a call you can use the method `checksum`. For example: `api.checksum("isMeetingRunning", "meetingID=mymeeting&custom=1", false)`.


At first, install [Node.js]( (see `package.json` for the specific version required).

Install the dependencies with:

    npm install

Then, to compile the coffee files into javascript, run:

    cake build

This will compile all `*.coffee` files in `/src` to javascript files in `/lib`.

To watch for changes and compile the files automatically run:

    cake watch


Distributed under The MIT License (MIT), see `LICENSE`.


A very simple Javascript library that generates links to all methods in BigBlueButton's API




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